• [3433]

    cave spoonfull of light illumination cf. cave as sonic space in which tone of one note ultimate reward of music (conversation with Elisabet)

    space of illmination equals space of sonority

  • [3432]

    suppose Carracci's Assumption of The Virgin in place in Cerasi Chapel, or at least known to Caravaggio

    would explain latter's Odescalchi version of The Conversion

    same thicket of stuff obstructing view of vision

    failure that cleared his eyes

    his first interaction with Carracci made him discard his tentative first version. remember also his last beyond-confrontation alternative to Carracci's Assumption through his Dormition (his last Roman painting)

  • [3431]

    words do not say what I mean

    only way make language foreign

    make sense


    In regard to those Chauvet Cats quality (of execution) is immediate and obvious. Nothing hidden need be disclosed to account for it

  • [3430]

    Consder Beethoven's Diabelli Variations as Beethoven's Art of the Fugue, but then in terms of varied attack

    Beethoven's Art of Attack

  • [3429]

    Chess to Duchamp matter and art of distribution. Precisely like Velázquez

  • [3428]


    Wittgenstein’s motto for Tractatus logico-philosophicus


    ... und alles, was man weiss, nicht bloss rauschen und brausen gehört hat, lässt sich in drei Worten sagen.




    Gunnar Olsson

    Everything is translation


  • [3427]

    Where am I?

    after some thinking: back on track


    there is no track

    does not mean I am lost confused rather embedded which is the point


  • [3426]

    Why sculpture in the round (Kritios) critical in in Greek context

    Because soul-searching means investigating one's own self from all around (in sense of leaving nothing in hiding)


  • [3423]

    Animator in cave of Chauvet saw lioness where no lioness

    Caravaggio saw child where no child in Repentant Magdalene