• [3427]

    Where am I?

    after some thinking: back on track


    there is no track

    does not mean I am lost confused rather embedded which is the point


  • [3426]

    Why sculpture in the round (Kritios) critical in in Greek context

    Because soul-searching means investigating one's own self from all around (in sense of leaving nothing in hiding)


  • [3423]

    Animator in cave of Chauvet saw lioness where no lioness

    Caravaggio saw child where no child in Repentant Magdalene

  • [3425]

    Do not differentiate faculties of articulation, such as language music art etc since differences trivial

  • [3422]

    Evidence not in my words but in picture they accompany cf. literature tend to house also picture hence risk become bulky

  • [3421]

    Prompter presence inherent of any give-me-a-break performance. In sense of providing space where force of flow

    Where are we?

    Fugue offer no break

  • [3420]

    Sviatoslav Richter live and Gould studio, match perfectly cf. positive/negative tell exactly the same complete indifference obwohl opposite in every respect

  • [3419]

    Marcel Duchamp (1887 – 1968) Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 – 1951)

    Duchamp from painter to engineer and Wittgenstein from engineer to painter relatively speaking

    Both known for one early and one late work standing in a transformative relation to one another in sense of being equally comprehensive in scope but different in approach

    Beholder who goes for either early or late won’t sense the balancing act going on

    Imagination does not distinguish but compose all means of articulation into same act of expressing/appreciating what is at stake

    Large Glass ⇔ Tractatus
    Étant donnés Investigations

  • [3418]

    Read Beckett's present and Duchamp's perfect tense, together
    En attendant...
    Étant donnés...

    Common denominator: scene of no action, framed/determined/articulated by what happened before or might happen later

  • [3417]

    Gould late Haydn work swonders while amiss on late Beethoven. Deobfuscates dynamic structure of former but beclouds that same of latter