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    das wohltemperierte klavier. bach. every piece in key. by definition. no modulation cf. tailor scrutinizing fit of suit on model turning around. pieces of das wohltemperierte same: every key inspected as from all sides: In the round cf. greek sculpture

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    Our format ridden world

  • [3414]

    duchamp nu descendant: wave function vs eigenstate.

    ...wavefunction as a probability amplitude, and the act of observation as a nonunitary evolution (“collapse”) of the wavefunction into an eigenstate. The interpretation does not state that the particle does not exist until it is observed; it says that, say, the particle’s position or momentum (or whatever other property we’re interested in) does not exist until it is measured. (Viktor T. Toth)

  • [3413]

    November Dennis Johnson de Heem. affinity to eastern sung landscape painting where somewhere somebody deep in landscape. had it been western one would ask why but no. let that monk or whhtever stay does not trouble panorama cf. much western music one recognize signature voice/sound be the thing

    what about background music/field music etc. do not sense presence of distant presence of somebody that does not interrupt the scenery still there

    distant friend not missing because company on same conditions as author


    13. Self
    Both praise and blame cause concern,
    For they bring people hope and fear.
    The object of hope and fear is the self -
    For, without self, to whom may fortune and disaster occur?

    Who distinguishes himself from the world may be given the world,
    But who regards himself as the world may accept the world

    see spoon [2411]
    Lao Tze : Dao De Jing [Tao Te Ching]
    Based on the translations of Robert G. Henricks, Lin Yutang, D.C. Lau, Ch'u Ta-Kao, Gia-Fu Feng & Jane English, Richard Wilhelm and Aleister Crowley.



  • [3411]

    Caravaggio. seek rest in painting

  • [3412]

    Piano sound sudden intonation at exact spot in space + fading coloring range of open strings and all around sounding chamber sing the air until lost for ears to hear cf. deaf ears (November by Dennis Johnson performed by Jeroen van Veen)

  • [2041]

    Newspaper report of court case, showing graphicallly sequence of events lead to automobile accident, triggered, said Wittgenstein, his picture theory of language. Later, back in Cambridge, economist friend Piero Sraffa delivered one of those characteristically Italian chin brush gestures delivered in face of imprudent fellow driver, asking Wittgenstein what  logical picture of that would be? Disarming riposte steering philosopher away from picture concept to navigating traffic-of-language instead

    Both early and late, traffic in focus i.e. basically: to account for sequence of events. Difference is between sequence and gesture of language. In other words: author steered away from language to paralanguage

    From steps of sequence to degrees of saturation


    Pronounced peace of individuality of column in tectonic terms: of carrying and carried. As in carriage of somebody standing like an argument no longer need be argued for cf. tight-rope walker does not argue for balance cf. human proportions reflected in architecture cf. Lao Tze, reflecting on ‘ritual’, section 38 of Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching):

    Harmony does not care for harmony, and so is naturally attained.

    Greek understanding of harmony is not naturally attained but result from efforts of balancing conflicting intents extrapolation of which is compromise



    Watteau theatre built from one-by-one discrete street observations, scattered and in passage until captured on same see-through surface of the picture bring them together. Cartier-Bresson followed suit


    Consult in disarray of mid-life vague voice of fate as focal point of protagonist and persecutor surrounded by eye of mind of their audience