• [3440]

    Mozart would never write das wohltemperierte clavier

  • [3439]

    suppose language was of its own cf. listen to completely foreign language on radio

    what would it mean to learn master that language of its own?

    would math qualify for language of its own?

    imagine two people speaking math fluently. how would fact they are in love affect their language?

  • [3437]

    where there are words let them be scarce

  • [3436]


    The Zone, in Tarkovsky’s Stalker, exerts influence (does not any topography?) hence that meandering progress of protagonists into which chance willfully blended into their 'object actions' cf. golf

    Depictions and writings add to environment. For those who see what shown for those who read what written. No ground no walking. The Zone exerts influence in the direction of levelling out difference between provider and beholder. Whereas scientist risk falling into expertise and writer into fantasy, stalker goes on observing, favors neither writing to reading nor depicting to showing

    Tarkovsky makes clear knowledge through observation not neatly booked rather bleeding, depictions worthy of inspection no gallery pieces but reproductions sinking back into soothing disorder of debris and decay (remember Duchamp wedding gift to his sister, the geometry school-book hung from balcony through times of shifting weathers)

    What appeared be man of nature and not of books living with wife and child in worn and simple dwellings and circumstances, returns home when, by shift of camera position, their simple living quarters turn out be warm overgrown library of Borgesian proportions

    Zero of measurement never coincide with zero of fact but delayed and away from whatever zero. No zero of Nano Kelvin nor Time always infinitesimal magnitude away from what. Big Bang no clue to what happened but fraction after whatever happened. Necessary defect of detection. Light fastest there is beyond acceleration speed no speed but field reaching back to Big Bang but not quite

    In Tarkovsky Solaris horse passing by in Stalker company of stray dog observed presence in world unaffected by measurement hence no isolated void of zero from where to make measurements. In short GPS tracker could find position of that dog horse but not their presence no parameters involved. Wittgenstein writes in Tractatus 6.372

    Thus, people today stop at the laws of nature, treating them as something inviolable, just as God and Fate were treated in past ages. And, in fact, both are right and both wrong: though the view of the ancients is clearer in so far as they have a clear and acknowledged terminus, while the modern system tries to make it look as if everything were explained.

    In Solaris: family country house and infinite ocean of space. In Stalker, family home and The Zone

    In Solaris: car-transport from ducha to busy metropolis and ultimately into space. In Stalker trolley-transport from industrial sprawl into quiet of nature. Solaris transfer of sensory loss Stalker transfer of sensory enhancement.

    Well in The Zone, company of Tarkovsky Stalker advance gropingly through fields of silence towards something somewhere measure by measure, by means of throwing a screw-nut with streamer of gauze attached to it ahead of them, approach place where landed like golfers but then some golfers uncertain whether hole they are playing is out there at all, could be hole they are already in

  • [3435]

    Eve Babitz and Marcel Duchamp after the game (+bild: shaking hands)


  • [3434]

    Gould play early Beethoven sonatas, make them sound very much Mozart. Playing the late Beethoven sonatas, make them sound Mozart falling apart/collapse, more than anything else cf. bad telphone line cut up disturb speech heavily

  • [3433]

    cave spoonfull of light illumination cf. cave as sonic space in which tone of one note ultimate reward of music (conversation with Elisabet)

    space of illmination equals space of sonority

  • [3432]

    suppose Carracci's Assumption of The Virgin in place in Cerasi Chapel, or at least known to Caravaggio

    would explain latter's Odescalchi version of The Conversion

    same thicket of stuff obstructing view of vision

    failure that cleared his eyes

    his first interaction with Carracci made him discard his tentative first version. remember also his last beyond-confrontation alternative to Carracci's Assumption through his Dormition (his last Roman painting)

  • [3431]

    words do not say what I mean

    only way make language foreign

    make sense