a cheap shake like that
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    Christ burdened in crowd steer their steps same direction surge and screw of expectation from left to right contract into strangling whirl of grip of those particularly keen good view probably brought folding chairs for the event. Cf Rembrandt Ecce homo concourse of people carefully characterized like Breughel in early état devoured in reeking sinkhole of obscure late état. Affinitas read every individual: a soul. This given, both authors drastic way express mob loss of soul.
  • [1681]

    Migratory eye ignore hierarchy take heed en passant: Limbourg and van Eyck brothers Holbein and Velázquez, lineage of court pleasers still of un-compromised integrity.


    Linear perspective best suit for paving corridor arcade city block street view, urban space ideal townscape associated with name of Piero organized shunting yard. In contrast vault of sky resist linear impulse tapped of momentum at top rising jet of a fountain. Gaulli Triumph of Name of Jesus.


    Bellini golden Giorgione soothing Titian glowing Tintoretto ghostly El Greco flaming light. Venetians explored whole range of luminous effects. Affinitas different, basically same all embracing light from van Eyck dawn of everyday life to neverenday van Gogh.


    Chiaroscuro conceive of light and obscurity as water and air. Swimmer does not perceive surface of water as distinct limit but zone of bouyancy twilight night and day dissolve into one another dim light visual mist. Cf temperature preserve body comfort shun extremes. What happen when light and temperature connect? No way bypassing Grünewald invention of color as  composite light-and-temperature, define life.


    Volume, at intersection of light and dark painter concern. Graphical action of touch. Duchamp explored all kinds of connections between voyeurism and action of marking events and distribution. The Shots upper right corner trigger story of the Glass ineluctable visuality (“Into the ineluctable modality of the ineluctable visuality.” Joyce Ulysses). Marksman voyeurist action out in blue of dark cannot be erased. Caravaggio never quite knew difference between sword and paintbrush. Residue of liaison.


    Willem Kalf retreat while Caravaggio protrude. Difference obvious but ever so subtle. Like Joyce and Proust hard to tell difference even if obvious.


    Coarse canvas like jute cloth friction foundation of Rembrandt micro chiaroscuro. Economic brushstroke reveal sidelight fibres of fabric deepen to black depth of night. Anna, daughter of Phanuel, conservation work late 1800s, removed here maybe figment of phantasy, for comparison. Something of lacquered mannequin head about her.


    Threadbare fragments last breath of passed splendor captivate intimacy beyond reconstruction. Agnes Geijer, Birka: Untersuchungen und Studien. 3, Die Textilfunde aus den Gräbern, 1938, Stockholm.


    Intimacy of touch learned by eye-of-hand stroke of touch translate to depth. Gestures translate to depth. Rembrandt translator of touch to trace.

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