a dim lost leaf
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  • [801]

    Wittgenstein fighting spirit of Pascal and practical attention of Lichtenberg in combination.

  • [802]

    Are we not fooled into believe language something onto itself simply by talking about them? Dead language leave no carcass.

  • [803]

    Could it be autopsy of human brain cut into cache poured dead words in shambles jackpot of lexical entries? Could postmortem ever tell whether deceased spoke Swedish or Swahili?

  • [804]

    Said her eyes shine like stars. Thought I made a pass at her. Me just observation.

  • [805]

    Kite does not dance but struggle to be free. Fish on hook dives dead moment line snaps. When dead or alive?

  • [806]

    Re-mark and ob-servation much same, slight diff former refer to return of again while latter to hold up for inspection.

  • [807]

    Musician stumble lost difficult passage. Remounting preferably done at suitable place when fallen off in broken terrain.

  • [808]

    Grain one centesimal of a millimeter sensed between teeth. Wittgenstein says somewhere, when humming had habit of pressing his teeth together along with tune. Makes sense played clarinet as a boy.

  • [809]

    If Wittgenstein intimated philosophy start in confession was it clear up mess or begin trust? Both! Always.

  • [810]

    Wittgenstein realized logic no guide to informed language since thriving in paradox and truism happen about as far away from understanding as one gets. What would it mean to confess tautology?

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