a dry stiff crackle
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    Not what seem to be. Appreciate trompe l'oeil, post factum since effective illusion unnoticed. Dreaming, indirect evidence mostly unnoticed but made into dreams by translation (recounting) like trompe l'oeil defined as 'disclosed illusion' post factum.

    Interpretation require establishment of necessary distance for enabling classification. In advance of something being labelled 'readymade' as un-noticed true trompe l'oeil. Having not yet been revealed as art i.e. as long as hidden from art.

    Why should one or nature wish produce trompe l'oeil? Any creature seek get away with fraud engaged in camouflage.

    Artist prime concern not get away with fraud but produce something blend and disappear even in eyes of one who produced it.

    ...of letting one's dreams sink back into undisturbed dreaming
    ...of letting objects dissolve in non-distance epiphanies of no co-ordinates by which to settle exact position
    ...of acknowledging impartiality clarity and criticism of un-noticed dreaming

    (believe present author wrote in italics)


    Persistently monitoring state of fully awake enhance same as dreaming. Radically different from day-dreaming certain absence of mind. Also different from rational thinking which largely insensitive to emancipatory alertness of eyes and ears. Velázquez.

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    Language tend make dreams out of dreaming since language easily triggered even enthused by possibilities of inviting distance of separation where none.

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    Waking up pounding heart, know spell of dreaming over. Left confounded and unfinished. When dreaming start altogether different and intangible. Do not know how initiation happened only end of it in confusion.

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    Thinking and thoughts like dreams and dreaming. Is it not typical one does not always know when thinking-of-something start? When thinking sealed by words in print abstracted from immersion add distance of 'aboutness'. 

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    Language flow hidden in silence never silenced.

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    This and that thought may conflict yet reside together tucked up in bed of thinking.


    Velázquez no doubt indebted to still life of Zurbaran and Sanchez-Cotán. What of that legacy in Tapestry Weavers? Vagueness, his Incompleteness Theorem. Does not mean Zurbaran and Sanchez-Cotán got clarity wrong only cleansed their image from indecision. Velázquez invited vagueness because overview is blend of indecisions. Blur for clarity.


    Still life tend towards opulence and appetite invocation of resource. Sánchez-Cotán still life explore no sensory appeal distinction. How things present themselves to eye of mind no more no less. Cf optician eye test chart with letters of diminishing size. Sánchez-Cotán Optical Chart for testing eye of mind, no serious defect in making no difference of difference.


    Young Caravaggio fool-eye-illusion. Sánchez-Cotán no such aspiration since dreaming does not fool but invite perception. Confusion aim of illusionist not of dreamer. Zurbaran would not have understood if suggested his still life combined dream and eyesight. Never considered them apart.

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