a farewell gesture
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    Known unto unknown? wide and varied range of processes of transition: illumination invention construction incorporation... Osmosis best case leaving no trace for memory to handle. Duchamp infrathin.

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    Two places (spatial objects) of critical negotiation for seeker of answers. One is constant and singular: Omphalos, presided over by Oracle, and secondly: The Sphinx, wherever happens to harass wanderer want access to city of language. In Tractatus Wittgenstein anchor language to argument places of spatial objects:

    A spatial object must lie in infinite space. (A point in space is an argument place.)
    A speck in a visual field need not be red, but it must have a colour; it has, so to speak, a colour space round it. A tone must have a pitch, the object of the sense of touch a hardness, etc.

    Terra firma language happen where friction of argument. Cf. astrological writ, replace friction by heavy-letter-of-law-and-faith. Wittgenstein of The Investigations traveled places in reliance on experience of pathfinder in terrain of language at large, where arguments do not stick out but are embedded in doings of language. Turing and Wittgenstein in conversation Cambridge 1939.

    Alan Turing and Wittgenstein at seminar Cambridge 1939:

    WITTGENSTEIN: I won’t say anything which anyone can dispute. Or if anyone does dispute it, I will let that point drop and pass on to say something else.
    TURING: I understand but I don’t agree that it is simply a question of giving new meanings to words.
    WITTGENSTEIN: Turing doesn’t object to anything I say. He agrees with every word.
    TURING: I see your point.
    WITTGENSTEIN: I don’t have a point.

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    Sumerian alphanumeric thinking claimed heavenly ancestry. Oral obscure and transparent terrestrial source. All discourse emanating from two-sided one-question-one-answer of answering Sphinx and asking for answer of Oracle.

  • [2746]

    Sphinx sentinel stationed guard what? Consider every question riddle and key to city gate.

  • [2747]

    Sphinx man and woman human and beast composite creature. Oracle beyond incorporation voiceless omniscient served and attended to at place of places.

  • [2748]

    Enthused by first people consider their land sung. Sing no answer but clear response.

  • [2741]
    Meet Sphinx for access to language. Petition Oracle for guidance into dismal logic of events buried in ignorance. Master language mastered by language fate of Oedipus.

    Her charisma exacting solid and complete. To herself nothing but blank and character for somebody linger at. Make self portrait so close at hand hideously difficult game takes detached touch to succeed.

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    Miles Davis blank In A Silent Way to which voices of his band relate sounded now and then no soliloquy of solo presence.

  • [2756]

    Lascaux animation step back retreat and restoration of detachment through illumination of daylight engagement.

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