a funny coincidence

    Weather chart for altarpiece would not do since soon enough turn invalid. Isenheim altarpiece nevertheless such weather map but then of lasting validity complete in registering all weather from begin to end.


    Grünewald prescribed for alleviating little bit of hellish pain cure of transport to climate beyond shifting weathers.


    Comic book colorist typically add color to black and white line art. Diego Velázquez same in sense acknowledged black and white framework of rendering color or would risk run amuck in motley.

    Rembrandt compressed his palette to earth pigments. Some of Caravaggio early crowd-pleasing-pictures show him part time colorist by including pure white, learned from Raphael Transfiguration. His late darkish paintings anticipating Rembrandt where color brought back to basic relative relation of light and dark.


    'Color' from celare to cover. Consider pure white as uncovered color serving as receptacle of brilliant spectrum of color. The trailing cerements of Christ in Grünewald Resurrection like wick of pure white cloth tainted by chromatic wave of liquid life, sucked up to feed flame of clarity in sky of night. And ripped off paper poster trailing from billboard.

  • [1794]

    Grünewald color not organized in terms of covering surface or being transparent or mixed or pure but in terms of being symptomatic: blushing cheeks burning fever pallor of death, color directly telling source like scent, to nose of dog.


    Planet House and Music Pavilion, connecting localities of Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights and of Grünewald Cycle of Passion. Strange abode that Planet House in its different apparitions, neither man made nor quite botanical possibly broadly crustacean crossbred kingdoms of plantae fungi and animalia like forms and shapes of life one finds in gardens of reefs. Anyhow Head Quarters and Safe House in middle of sprouting nature from where spectacular range and processes of earthly delights run and monitored.

    Passion set in motion maintained by heat of music steadily streaming from Music Pavilion, centerpiece of Isenheim Altarpiece no safe place but open to inspection and shoot pianist intrusion. Closed and secret in Bosch open and naked exposed in Grünewald.

    Hide away music, would it not be played on muffled instruments in secret recidence nobody knew musicians around even?

    Music in Isenheim Suite Of Passion closely connected through divide of curtain (forshortened in middle fold of picture illustration) with sound-of-music-break-of-day Alpine freshness while drowned infernal delights, in Bosch Garden of Night.


    Wave of music wave of heat where are we? Music Pavilion black-smith shop, wrought-iron frame of canopy red hot with scraps of ashes curl decoratively along rails of arches and angelic cellist in foreground, white and dry as ashes because unaffected by heat like little crowned Mary and rest of crew.


    Orchestration of colored light in Grünewald altar polyptych tuned through color of lit-up strip of wall left side left panel of Annunciation, shimmering tuning-fork of light, patch of 'standard light' on wall, seen as projected from aureole of right panel Resurrection spanning panorama from birth to rebirth. Tone of tonica-of-light from first to resurrected life.