a loose clatter of running
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    Schiele hungry eyes under cover of arrogance.


    Somebody passes running. Escape from what? Late for appointment? Somebody puts on serious face or burst out in laughter and there is cause or reason. Then artist model settled neutral. Land surveyor accounts not for weather. Rodin figures are there and elsewhere disturbed and undisturbed. Observed unobserved.


    Portrait bust denies eye contact go past marble head does not follow with gaze cf Vermeer girl with pearl never lost sight of you passing. Monumental portrait Gattamelata serve place and hour of history. Monuments removed to museums lost  location of occasion. Cf painted monumental portrait bring its setting all along when hung some other place. Velázquez as usual wrung a lot of intimacy from conflict of impression within formula of Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback. Had it from Titian of course but different age group than Charles V at Mühlberg.


    Would anyone expect stowed away Rembrandt portraits in marble turn up from nowhere? No, because never even imagined breaking eye contact with girl with broom nor even dead as Jores Fonteijn van Dienst or Hendrickje Stoffels as Flora in profile aware of Rembrandt and me resting eye on her in confidence. Neither case dead in petrification of carved head or death mask. Magritte place to be where mirrors do not look back but farther away in estrangement even so happens, act of recognition.


    Manet Olympia sculptural affair every classical piece but transformed to tableau vivant confrontation. While Rodin figure drawings sculptural in another sense, strongly suggestive of circling approach such as sculptors explore never confrontational by definition, constituting somnambulist aspect of Rodin figures never know anything about traffic going on around hence bad idea hired for traffic police. Yet Bronze Age on island of roundabout no bad idea.


    Pictures soar into wakefulness even Whistler nocturnal a wakeup call while sculpture permanently cradled in sleep. Not even Boccioni runner shakes off sleepiness of medium clinging to body.


    Move in and out of line of attention of portrait bust one learns petrification. Few painters could rival Rodin estrangement from sculpture consider his carvings sketches for drawings. Would never have attained his unmatched fluency of drawing had he not practiced as sculptor.


    Old Kingdom carved portraits resonant with qualities of immutable medium articulating permanently wide awake far eyes set on horizon.


    Matisse learned from Rodin. But this disparity: Rodin line of drawing evince body mass while Matisse translates volume of weight to wisp of smoke region in space.


    While draftsmen through centuries largely explored arrow energy of direction of line of drawing, Rodin folding line of horizon. As his pencil touched sheet of support his eye attended fully to intimation of out-of-sight. Only weightless line without inherent momentum affords full access to curved depth. Unfolding vinyl sonic scenery in minutest detail enabled by feather light tone arm. Screeching tyres do not unfold sonic space.

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