a man who was running
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    Precision and care strands of yarn at lace makers loops and blobs of spilled paint Vermeer. Watch milkmaid suspended operation. Cf talkative dinner guest temporarily silenced whilst served wine as if words would incur accident.


    Vermeer pendulum swing between focus and expanse produce elation featherlight feel produced by isometric training press arms sidewise in doorframe let them free lift like wings in headwind. Contraction and relaxation about Affinitas isometric eye-muscle-action in making sense of perception.

  • [1701]

    Imagine stained glass window glow bright, one chip missing let through unfiltered light. Cf fine ink drawing stained by mishap blob.

  • [1702]

    Origo territory visual pyramid of linear perspective reveal dominant viewer. Affinitas territory van Leeuwenhoek microscope ingenious application of opticity relegating beholder from control of view invite wonder about our position in astonishing spectacle of things. Cf seeing something distant in fieldglass as preparation of getting closer. No wonder about gradual approach.

  • [1703]

    Vermeer watched familiar settings and things like someone examine sample source of inspiration. Leeuwenhoek pioneering microscopist lived and worked in Delft same time.


    Michelangelo proposal for decorative paving in front of Palazzo Medici Rome characteristic visual control of Origo. Cf Affinitas black and white tiles of Vermeer floor seen from angle effectively upsetting linear projection. Wings instead of side walls promoting lateral action remind of zigzag pedestrian maze gates. Mobility cashed in within immobility. Further, Duchamp 'invisible' lino floor in Etant donnés.

  • [1706]

    Rembrandt ignorant of role play foreign throughout Affinitas never saw tension build up in eyes of model. Since nowadays impossible rid oneself of idea of casting, significance of Rembrandt cannot be overestimated. Fact Rembrandt dressed up in oriental attire etc no mask or other disguise but contrary: nakedness through borrowed plumes.


    Rembrandt pensive penetration Vermeer glint of eye neither Vermeer nor Rembrandt ever show guarded nor begging eyes.


    Slight squint inner eye Rembrandt Jewish Bride and van Eyck Arnolfini Betrothal marry as in marriage, then no less no more than prototype of any two-party two-entity connection like couple of oranges blush in sunlight. Said van Eycks invented oil painting, point is they demonstrated transparence of film of oil better than anybody else hence picture can present image of transparence as if paint would not be coating but clear. Rembrandt paraphrased same when touch something say apple one does not feel one's own cupped hand but the roundness of that piece of fruit. Hands afford clarity of transparence. Rembrandt show transparency is mutual, sensed his own cupped hand as well as were.


    Beholder of icon contemplate source of information differ radically from orientation in space and time. Sundial in icon impossible since source of illumination all around neither shade to tell what time nor distance covered by tread water.

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