a thin thread of light
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    Pedro Calderon de la Barca Life is a Dream adequate label of Iberian art from Greco to Buñuel. Company not help wake up or stop from relapse back to dream but for letting things have their course but then in perspective. Sancho Panza co-traveling beholder for purpose.

    Nexus nothing but observation clear as real no reference to context dream. Would it not be pointless ask whether still life of Sánchez-Cotán dreamed up or real? Would there be dream at all if not clear as real? If there are instances of dreaming clear-as-real would there not also be situations of being wide-awake that could not be sorted out from dreaming?

  • [1865]

    Nexus is mindset making accuracy and clarity appearance and apparition aspects of same.

  • [1866]

    Would not Nexus sleep walker be someone knew not whether arrived asleep or awake still completely at ease? Would not Nexus sleep painting be trompe l'oeil never taken for one? Simply clarity of confusion about Nexus. 


    Rubens performing Titian, excluded even possibility of sleep painting since every brushstroke checked against original. With licence of subtle variation, still controlled like sheet music. Velázquez learned touch-and-action from Rubens but accepted no protocol.

    Balance, of appearance and apparition, Velázquez take on life-is-a-dream. Happens from within center of gravity. Cf Duchamp Handler of Gravity Manieur de gravité. Former's Water Carrier of Seville breakthrough ultimately leading to Las Meninas and Las Hilanderas. Don't wake him up or he'll spillVelázquez developed into perfect juggler. And Duchamp into Nexus master in balancing appearance and apparition.

  • [1869]

    Goya massively sleep deprived knew monsters produced by sleep strained himself to utmost just to stay awake. His art little more than his means of not relapsing into sleep cf efforts and dangers of micro sleep tired driver. Goya is Velazquez un-balanced.


    El Greco all alert and sound asleep exploring junction of appearance and apparition.


    Affinitas still life Emanuel de Witte experienced while Nexus Sánchez-Cotán un-experienced in comparison. Does not mean latter been untouched rather healed luckily minor wounds heal without leaving scar behind have to think twice which finger cut on edge of page. Apparitions touch heart of experience unmarked by wear.


    Goya Saturn Devouring His Children embedded in Picasso variants of Woman Bather sitting on the shore.

  • [1873]

    Nexus implicates author Picasso just as it did his forerunners Goya Velázquez El Greco.

  • [1874]

    Goya clarity compassion no tears.

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