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  • [1609]

    Leonardo imagination of defeated eyesight. Impossible focus details of running water without gaze get snatched away like dry leaf fall into stream.

  • [1608]

    New concept of stage, Molière Le Nain Watteau, engendering typecasting, sophisticated subtle way of presenting people playing games we all are.


    Velázquez off-guard of transition. Rembrandt permanently off-guard little like Ancient Egypt. Off-guard, not bracing oneself in any way. Daumier.


    Saw connection to housing project in brother Angelico Annunciation. Arcaded space of San Marco convent where inner and outer meet in peace. Liked that Annuncation built Muurame Church harsh climate turned inside out yes but much same. Every Aalto building something of annunciation about it. Is not dawn annunciation of day?

    In architecture careful unassuming balance of invitation and penetration. Someone let in on secret. Happened as clearing of mind. Geometry and breathing in perfect harmony peaceful balance of setting. Written in her eyes. No draft of air-conditioner through arcade. Compare possible draft of breathing through veil as through The Nets of The Large Glass. fra Angelico and Duchamp could argue on that but of course would not. Why argue when peace and wonder to go by?

  • [1612]

    No unforced expansion or contraction of lungs unrelated to breathing.


    Breathing unnoticed as long as untroubled. Is not breathing of brother Angelico Annunciation so natural draw attention to it would almost suggest something wrong. Fact my doctor wanted listen to my lungs uncertained me a bit only wanted listen to untroubled breathing like happens now and then among people coming close. Like Aalto with fra Angelico.


    Frank Lloyd Wright, houses of arrival, end of day, end of traffic, houses for low light rest and reflection, spend night houses. Aalto rather dawn of day houses for aspiration, and free respiration. Recover and heal same only different places and hours. Seth Peterson Cottage, Fallingwater fireplace, Viborg Library Paimio Sanatorium.


    Watteau interactions as subtle and delicate as brother Angelico but testing and anxious where fra Angelico neither uncertain nor questioning.


    Wittgenstein said faith feeling of being totally safe. Most people moments of feeling safe sometimes. Instead of separating believers from non-believers Wittgenstein focused moments of faith occurring more frequently to some than to others. Brother Angelico had uninterrupted sense of safety. El Greco out of breath asthmatic at times breakthrough safety as in Fifth Seal. Nexus provides no safety but sense of being cool in face of risk as response to risk. Cool, since blend of El Greco and Goya astute observation of epiphany and cruel degradation taken together.

  • [1618]

    Preacher, only fleeting instants of faith to go by, might seem insufficient to build honest career upon, treasured those spells determining life, thought Wittgenstein.

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