a touch of lumbago

    Piero combined action and space like musician plucking strings of space invisible harp of cosmic proportions, string theory celebrate God does not play dice. Geometry Harmony of Heaven. Cf Marcel Duchamp Sixteen Miles of String part of his installation for the First Papers of Surrealism, exhibition in 1942 NY (via 'shadeofhoney' does not currently exist on web):

    The whole purpose of this exhibit was to block the gallery paintings from the viewers. Duchamp even invited some children to play ball or jump rope as part of the exhibit and this infuriated many of the attendants. The placement of the string is so perfect, especially how it angles from the top to the bottom. On the very top it looks like weaving and near the bottom you can make out some prism shapes. (underscored this author)

    Duchamp geometry does not contradict Piero rather expands catchment area of its application so as to include all kinds of effects affecting geometrical idealism as for example blocking the way of invited guests and for kids play. For amusement, ie to God and the Muses. Dürer worse off. Melancholy never amusing.


    Distinct objects of attention of a head: eye for gaze, ear for listen. Very Dürer. Leonardo could not have done for his imagination always go sum total energy of model whether unleashed or contained.


    Vermeer eyes cued on blocked sight in furnished rooms. In his perspective demonstrations Dürer divorced his target from quotidian setting, letting that lute drift away like some startrek voyager. Leonardo imagination bypassed opposition of furnished rooms and vanishing space. Even La Gioconda pulls trick of combining intimacy and spectacular vista compellingly.


    Cf two way mirror of line up. Behind air of indifference subtext of reciprocality and secret understanding, of patience, connect painter and model.


    Round 1500 classical nude met naked intimacy always vulnerable. Botticelli none of that aloof in every respect. Giorgione and Titian brought idealism and intimacy together, attention to background fetch clothes for their lady from next room cassone, silent far away lightning. Further, victorious Charles V on Horseback at Mühlberg solitary man got horse, faltering kingdom to trade, if somebody said defeated would not argue since victory and defeat much same dissipation.


    In Bronzino court portrait, Giorgione intimacy traded for impenetrability. Holbein combined Giorgione and Bronzino into new and more complex portrait of impenetrability and intimacy welded together.


    Leonardo eyesight not as good as Dürer... Maybe Leonardo even squinted to allow for more comprehensive vision to influence perception. Cannot imagine Dürer squint in order to grasp compass of view.


    Self portrait: to sort oneself out from otherselves. Dürer does categorically no one else in the world for the time being. Carel Farbritius rather otherself one of group portrait equalization of clearly distinct personalities only alone and solitary for the time being. Cornelis Anthonisz 1533. Sigmund self, rather, that of twin brother.

    Would never say see my twin brother in mirror my reflected self same as mine. But (Svenska Dagbladet July 2 2017 photo AP sculptor Oscar Novotny 1931) bust of Sigmund Freud, crucial matter of dimensionality: any 3D entity self is of its own by attribution, while in 2D self enter by projection. Mirror is neither 2D nor 3D, hence surface where attribution and projection collapse and confuse the beholder by definition.


    Linear perspective just could not handle gravity and turbulence because not having even neglectable weight of cobweb to trap dromedary or other human scale body totally indifferent to linearity. On the other hand idealization through geometry carry out organization of space and disappear in the same. No! Leonardo developed general understanding of phenomena of condensation, as in meteorological Alpine study transfered to study of Anna selbstdritt, case where gravity of gravitation about to gobble up three or four bodies into singularity of black-hole-mist-of-twine.