a voice began to talk
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  • [960]

    Learn piece of music piano, vole memorize way through tangle of turf fast escape.

  • [961]

    Unfortunate news reader smile slip of tongue on casualties. Instrumentalist faux pas break spell.

  • [966]

    Wittgenstein considered Moore common sense argument instruction persuade himself of validity. Cf flagellant beg themself for mercy.

  • [967]

    Enough split mind organize own concerns like keen on organize those of others. Harbor enough discipline to volition rule. Split mind for stay in command of mental resources. Moore seemed such peaceful mind still ordered himself around considerably. This hand is mine would make sense in play of piling hands: Wiggling thumb is mine! be quick other thumbs start wiggle in chorus. Since common sense argument dying echo repetitive soon enough drained source of content.

    Anybody home? Silence. No answer for an answer.

    Child ask what this what that. Does it ask for words or understanding? Intuitive readiness consider language and understanding same. Second language more of two-step affair. Does not child same time explore opposite possibility of there being divide and separation of language and thinking?

  • [968]

    Somebody found arbitrary restriction compute only with positive numbers. Cf silence of music void void of architecture. Does not exploration favorably seek and acknowledge negative position for direction? For breathing  for being at large.

  • [969]

    Short circuit and feedback due overload, burnout and cascading duplication respectively. Logic risk blowout of tautology or mnemonic squeal of paradox.

  • [975]

    Reason we keep think language structured based on writing. Without writing language liquid medium people immersed in together.

  • [976]

    'Spoken language' strange notion. Misconception of literacy. Vocal articulation all there is. Even in literacy. Writing is symbolic. Speech is not. Symbol; fit together: syn- together and -ballein throw.

    Letter is intended collapse of word and voice. Not what speech does but suggest motion of passage. Even feigned attack transparent in sense mis-interpreted by opponent. But there are different languages! And different swimming styles. Pass from breaststroke to backstroke is translation.

  • [977]

    Stumbling defines walking. Foolproof walk would compare to absolute circular motion. Faulty memory is stumbling recognition defines memory as such. As relative. When helped back to recognisance memory completely restored. Been unfailing all along. Lacunae something else.

  • [978]

    Regardless what specifically said every utterance says Hey, here I am! Suppose quiet people wanted draw less and less attention to what said until nothing at all. Would language have disappeared then? No, would been taken over by eye contact first and last evidence of language. Of all language.

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