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    Systematic approach of Tractatus relaxed in The Investigations. Maybe took precisely engineer to lessen impact of category think, in favor of more emancipated attention to patches of action infiltrated by language. Took artist to abort taste adopt engineer approach, Duchamp of Large Glass, investing indifference into moment-without-precedence, of Étant Données.


    Wittgenstein Investigations multiplicity of observations booked where Duchamp preferred boxed. Sung landscape with ranges of clear thinking rising above valleys veiled in haze. Look! Someone walking out there! If place visited then path or footbridge hidden in mist. Wait and see... Hsia-Kuei 1200s.

  • [1362]

    Rembrandt Caravaggio Beethoven same impression of imagination cued on within-arms-reach, canvas or keyboard. Rest is but implication of limited reach always seek reach farther.

  • [1363]

    Different reasons for showing pictures: could be lost picture been recovered or for illustrating something.

  • [1364]

    Picture printed on transparent medium one copy on top of another perfectly aligned and squared: single picture observed, then slightly disturbed cause massive disturbance. Words modified to absorb and be absorbed by that event, is an observation.


    Glimpse of painting might satisfy imagination for quite a while, ie as far as gesture of it stay vivid across lost detailing. As apart from glimpse of words-in-print never was a gesture of immediacy to imprint itself on eye of mind. Something be tampered with by designers. Placebo remedied maybe framed on wall. Poster by:


  • [1366]

    Glimpse of painting enough to inform my language. No, not mine but patch where I happen to cultivate it.

  • [1367]

    Portrait of friend reminded about times we had together. Rembrandt portrait mutual understanding beyond times we did not have together yet do.

  • [1368]

    Interpreter, assigned office offer balanced correspondance between speakers of different languages. Rather someone who in light of imagination, venture into region of speech not yet secured by convention.


    Angel guide docks of Gdansk photographer unknown no aspect shift but open embedment. Her wings not even for moment hide hull under construction.

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