began to steal around

    Said about icons beholder rather watched than watching. Cf stories about ancestral portraits peepholes for eyes keep an eye on us. Not how Divinity sees the world. Angels might. Wings of Desire Wim Wenders. And unknown photo reporter Gdansk 1970s.


    Balanced mutuality look one another into eyes. Portraits look back but balance tipped more often than not in sense portrait tend hold up appearance of persona. Even to self portrait. Dürer self from 1500 intriguing early example of balanced self suggesting replica of concentration invested in making of same.

  • [1305]

    What are you staring at! Staring, both from close and into distance. Distant star close up or made no impression. Hey! I'm here! Being stared at more pleasant than having face scrutinized for some reason. Or ignored. Space waste.


    Acknowledge close undisturbed connection deep into my eyes.


    Couple of victimized Ingres ladies surrounded by more robust self-assured characters return degrading inspection of beholder with wry face of self assurance.


    Solid block nestled glances common light. Brancusi Gate of Love reiterate concentrate Giotto Joachim and Anne meet at Golden Gate.


    A brick no face until fitted into wall but bricks of Gate of Love face one another in pairs couples in embrace hidden and private yet not from beholder. Love masonry. Love wave of vision flowing like current generated endless chain of generation.