between the tables

    Someone in balance neither look ahead nor back nor aside simply present in the round.

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    Wind of breath shaped to language.


    There are mirrors and windows in suite of rooms. Corridors typically dark and lonely difference of be together and alone. Mirror Gallery of Versailles dark and lonely corridor dressed up as suite for anyone be alone and company modern mind.


    Ship master someone look ahead never back emerge from wall of unshaped past. Ship cut wave leave sea behind intact. Look backwards counts for nothing what turns up ahead is all, eyes fixed on ever receding horizon.


    Philip the Arab neither ship master eyes fixed on horizon nor in balance as in the round. Rather in the round as understood by Rome, anxious eyes what happens behind one's back no escape, portrait of mind confined to prison world of circus all there is.


    They say beauty come from within. In ancient Egypt steady wind of time carved out and shaped beauty of Nefertiti heads to which Greece added thoughtfulness and recollection, beauty from within.


    Egyptian pyramid original sight pyramid but instead of affording static perspective voyage under sails vanishing point in tunnel of sun. Piero-School Ideal Veduta static in comparison.


    Not only what brought into focus also what lost in vagueness part of acknowledgment. Velázquez range of attention particularly instructive.