beyond the edge of the runner
  • [1922]

    Tableau vivant is mise en scène of a picture, hence not true-to-life but to some picture. Somebody want take your photo you prepare yourself and what would that be but pose appropriately for photo not yet taken. A tableau vivant prior to, and post factum of some picture much the same. True to life lost in circle of mise en scène.

  • [1923]

    Arranging still life, is it preparing picture in advance of depiction? An arrangement made to resemble still life to be made from it?


    Idea of depiction influencing setup. Landscape turns slightly twisted when idea of depicting it turns up in some mind. Perception psychologist James J.Gibson found it necessary to conceive of primitive mutuality inherent of perception, his exploration focusing on concept of 'affordance'. James J.Gibson right Gunnar Johansson left. Uppsala University seminar 60s or 70s.

  • [1925]

    Set, is place where double life of tableau vivant organized as social event.


    Bulky presence of impersonators of tableau vivant tend kill more than illuminate the scene. Was not until Le Nain introduced theatrical concept of mise-en-scène turned critical to painting. The Le Nain brothers did not know what they were doing or would not have attained what they did. Theater is first and foremost Zustand, not acts of action. When people arrange themselves like in painting for fun they precisely exclude action. Only never penetrate the mycelium of Zustand as does an embedded tableau vivant. Case of Le Nain. Not achieved since Greek tragedy. Not paralleled since Greek tragedy but through invisible wall instead of passing through lens of focus, of theater. Say for instance Leonardo Last Supper embedded deep in Rembrandt Batavians.

    2. die Verfassung oder Lage, in der sich jmd. oder etwas zu einem Zeitpunkt befindet, und die bestimmte Eigenschaften hat in einem verwahrlosten Zustand sein, im Zustand geistiger Verwirrung, im Zustand des Verfalls, Sein Zustand hat sich gebessert., In seinem Zustand braucht er dringend einen Arzt/Urlaub.

    Tableau vivant translate picture scene to stage production while embedded tableau vivant: introduce notion of stage production translated to pictorial representation. Watteau learned from Le Nain. In case of ‘embedded tableau vivant’ intricate references to theater (games people play) where everything is what it is yet not at all.


    Do not pinch my arm remind me be in audience whereas embedded tableau vivant reminds theatricality permeates even everyday life. Le Nain and Watteau.


    Embedded tableau vivant expose anxiety. Opposite to Passio. Former induces latter reduces separation.


    Posing and modelling. Forced stillness about tableau vivant simple reason people pose figure of still. Same enforced stillness sensed the embedded tableau vivant but then models pose themselves disturbing act of impersonation. Le Nain brothers happened pioneer this understanding of modeling for picture. His farmers pose as farmers heartrending but rich source of complications without which art would be blind. CfVermeer same time period no enforced stillness of posing model posing but stillness of unruffled flow from dawn to dusk exclude impersonation.


    Titian solid exhibit of Venus embedded in Manet Olympia in peace with ease to which added layer of Le Nain Farmers made exhibits of silenced farmers. Nobody expect portrait talk but eyes do when they always do. Carl Theodor Dreyer The Passion of Joan of Arc1928. Without excuse or inhibition listened to because stripped naked. Cf Shakespeare act out language completely free inventive why we listen. Does not mean set free far from. Totally trapped but not in language. Façade and mask of staging not where life but arts tend to happen. What Manet tried find his way back beyond acting and masking equals modelling where eyes with voice. Where just you and me and nobody else excluded. Nudity in stead of subjugation why Duchamp mise à nu same quest.