cadence of breathing IX
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    When happened hardly noticed when all over they did indelibly.


    Caspar David Friedrich pattern of reciprocal action of no interaction. Move pawn initiative spur response. In reciprocal action initiative and response resolve dissolve osmosis. Tarkovsky silver screen semi per-me-able membrane through which listless writer disturbed scientist yearning Stalker mind, blend with solution of higher solute concentration. In Zone movement tends equalize solute both sides of membrane.

    Antonioni process of absorption diffusion suggestive of osmotic action, only equalization does not soften initial sharp definition of constituent moves: such as figure of Monica Vitti piece of sculpture and flag-posts. No wonder Renaissance master of sorts ingrained sense of archistructure.

    Notice sound-track does not so much contribute as reveal scene. Dripping of faucet same as faucet that drips. Sound favoured aspect of vision cued on osmosis since sound has no backside. Notice Friedrich makes point of dorsal aspect. As does Tarkovsky does Antonioni: wish of escaping narrow down of confrontation as in face to face negotiation.

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    Bilingual signposts set up serve bilingual people, novels published bilingual editions satisfy stereo linguistic appetite of bilingual reader. Cervantes tells one day in the Toledo marketplace a young boy was trying to sell old notebooks and worn scraps of paper covered with Arabic script, acquired one of those looked around for Moor translate. Cervantes portal figure in exploring elsewhere and then of foreign setting from inside common place in terms of bilingual stratification. No wonder happened in Spanish long expertise in scholarly round trip translation of Arabic and GraecoRoman sources.

    Tower of Babel tells original common language exploded into diversity of mutually estranged tongues of speakers abusing almighty tools of original universal language. No wonder set in Mesopotamia since where first established conqueror rule of law same as rule of letters, means of accessing restoring and submitting subjugation of defeat and liberation. Reflected in Cervantes quest across barriers...

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    Tell story from scant vestiges Sherlock Holmes hardly commendable procedure in today forensics of relentless DNA precision technology. Suppose definitive method introduced to humanities. Difference between precision and subtlety, precision of nailing down phenomenon or perpetrator and guidance throughout. Holmes solving not the point but his guidance. Somebody hires guide to get somewhere. Nothing about going somewhere in particular. Suppose guide hired guide to go no place. Do I not try guide myself through open along path laid out by myself sole purpose not get stuck in circles?

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    Insufficient knowledge at heart of balanced mind. Why critical turns along way are critical. A balanced mind envisages the peripeteia as paradigmatic demonstration of insufficient cognition. Mind of the Nile offers no choice of way hence no critical (insufficient) knowledge. Does not mean sufficient knowledge necessarily bad though.

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    Barenboim calls his book Everything is Connected. Due to all critical turns along the way connected entities appear unconnected and dislocated. Complete map does not exist until all and everything has transpired. Still fate is faced never revealing its face.

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    Fate, abstraction of abstractions implicate opposite: maintenance.


    Notion of everything being connected emanates from atomism. Individual characterized as balanced appreciated preferably on terra firma since typically suggesting column or kouros to be of its own. Minoan mind different, shaped by swell of sea, mind set on dynamic adaptation embracing even unexpected within expected as in off-beat choreography.


    Classical, means something unalterable recognized even under surface of what alternation and change. Does not mean anything coercive about classicism. Just matter of recognizing certain recurrent features going as far back as aesthetic discrimination. Loneliness of lioness in Grotte Chauvet has in common with Kritios.


    Opposition dissolved in Brancusi love as well as in scattered domain of Duchamp desire. The Nine Holes upper right of Glass, shots aimed at nebulous target one man shooting those nine shots or many men shooting one round each. Same thing.

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