cadence of breathing IX
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    Gregorian chant neither mark begin nor end but happen within earshot. Cf much popular music distinct begin and fade-out-end considered structural properties of enter/exit song.

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    Beckett, Company, begin:

    A voice comes to one in the dark. Imagine.


     Étant donnés: 1° la chute d'eau / 2° le gaz d'éclairage

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    There are things in the world that mind can reach and wrap itself around, but neither ’the self’ nor ‘the world’ is ‘a thing’ hence cannot be contained. However, appreciated in terms of certain coherence of balance. Pertinent lesson of theater: to present flow of language threatened by stagnation (petrification) and falling apart in disparate details. Of individual. And of city. Same chronic event. Case of Oedipus/Thebe.


    Respirationsame position in Eastern imagination as balance in Western. Duchamp attribute key position to both in order account for intricacies of The Passage in mind throughout. Out of breath as well as un-balanced, clog obstruct osmosis.

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    Imagine everest ziggurat collapse: case of Tower of Babel. Is not The Tractatus version of that? Never collapsed though but thrown away ladder. Lesson learned.


    Vincent to Theo constant critical connection of painting and letter, hence paintings prepared be submitted to writing already in action of painting in order truthfully translate them to writ-of-drawing.

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    Zappa and Dylan, same crucial inspiration from atonal breakup. From convenience. Former contacted György Ligeti as teenager, latter attended Kurt Weill opera performance first year or so in New York still on threshold. Open up to darkness.

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    Why choir? Because spoken word is resonance at source much like murmur of falling waters at some distance. What would a choir be in writ? Even reading loud is isolated reading i.e. apart from any situation but itself. Only overheard when meant to be, as in case of audio book. Do not read at the steering wheel.
    Wittgenstein twist: heard choir composed of generations of readers of Holy Script, a longitudinal choir (this author) heard coming from far back including Wittgenstein along the way of that extended conference of voices.
    One cannot pin the words on some individual chorister because words of choir be sung together. And when chorister step forward soloist, then more of actor at theater like Oedipus, set wave-train of voices of choir in motion like rock dropped in water cause wave-train sweep away in all directions.
    At source language is tonal, sine qua non of choir do not speak their mind since mirror themselves have nothing to say. Cf. deep unrest of soloist/protagonist carry fatal burden of words with no light in them into the open of language put end to themself.
    Beckett writer for stage even as voice in head of loner. Choir compressed into one hole of a single voice that cannot rid itself from resonance. Company, last book first paragraph sentence:
    "A voice comes to one in the dark. Imagine."

    Writing, reminding of downhill skiing. Reading, memorizing terrain, then throw oneself out, my certain penchant for colon (:) slalomgate. Cf full stop (.) more like crash, terrain beats me. Always does. Could be first intermediate time was good, though. Before lost control.

    Remember Wittgenstein manuscript, believe gave it to shoemaker friend early 1930s, surfaced much later, published as Thought Movements, or the like, late 1900s. Cannot find for the moment. Liked it a lot! because strong sense of unbroken terrain under and in between the paragraphs. Unwritten spaces for guidance, notice not subtext, more like long runs of thinking partly pursued under poor weather conditions yet persistently pushing ahead and one could figure out some of what happened during snowblind intervals of process. Tend get lost in collections of Wittgenstein notes, compiled by editor under some heading. No run-of-a-course. Make aspect-seeing turn disproportionate in relation to long-winding thinking. Cf Duchamp, to whom scraps of text paramount. Cooks down to difference between book and box, what something suggests and what something is (all kinds of mixtures possible of course). Duchamp ball of twine With Hidden Noise. Cf rattle a book. Archeologists put things in boxes. Duchamp much of archeologist, ie much concerned with distribution of things and words in compartmens of space.

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    Music sound and silence art light and night same thing.

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