cadence of breathing VIII
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    Sviatoslav Richter live and Gould studio, match perfectly cf. positive/negative tell exactly the same complete indifference obwohl opposite in every respect

  • [3421]

    Prompter presence inherent of any give-me-a-break performance. In sense of providing space where force of flow

    Where are we?

    Fugue offer no break

  • [3422]

    Evidence not in my words but in picture they accompany cf. literature tend to house also picture hence risk become bulky

  • [3423]

    Animator in cave of Chauvet saw lioness where no lioness

    Caravaggio saw child where no child in Repentant Magdalene

  • [3425]

    Do not differentiate faculties of articulation, such as language music art etc since differences trivial

  • [3426]

    Why sculpture in the round (Kritios) critical in in Greek context

    Because soul-searching means investigating one's own self from all around (in sense of leaving nothing in hiding)


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