call it anything
  • [2039]

    Feminine masculine manly matador feminine female solo dancer manly gray of contrast black and white. Not so Nexus. Does not blunt contrast but brings out edge of compromise.

  • [2041]

    Newspaper report of court case, showing graphicallly sequence of events lead to automobile accident, triggered, said Wittgenstein, his picture theory of language. Later, back in Cambridge, economist friend Piero Sraffa delivered one of those characteristically Italian chin brush gestures delivered in face of imprudent fellow driver, asking Wittgenstein what  logical picture of that would be? Disarming riposte steering philosopher away from picture concept to navigating traffic-of-language instead

    Both early and late, traffic in focus i.e. basically: to account for sequence of events. Difference is between sequence and gesture of language. In other words: author steered away from language to paralanguage

    From steps of sequence to degrees of saturation


    Rembrandt positioned his model leaning on ledge or something, natural comfort. Like Hopper. Caravaggio precariously balanced on edge roulette of life.

  • [886]

    Strip of decoration unveil construction for eyes to appreciate. There is no nude of a building stripped bare.

  • [870]

    Deeply wounded by words. Caravaggio brush sword of suicide. Seppuku.


    Bird in Space also Space in Bird. Theory of singularity cosmic timespace crunch of not yet differentiated. Brancusi bird qualifies singularity in the infinitive.


    Adoration of The Lamb Ghent Altarpiece parallel to Last Judgement in scope and layout.

  • [871]

    In what sense is dance delay? When leave footprints in mud and mind.

  • [872]

    Light out pitch black. Afterglow of what glimpsed previous to switch off help see way out. Quadruped knowledge of where to place hind feet afterglow application of neuro-muscular vision.

  • [873]

    Socratic dialogue make point include complete rendering of speech. Suppose this approach had been saved when philosophy turned bookish in that one book included another in its entirety.

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