clean dry whisper
  • [120]

    Riddle perplexing as long as moving in circles in front of open access afforded all along exact and clarifying never redundant or would not be riddle not explained nor explain trapdoor leading out of it. Precipitate subject into evidence.

  • [118]

    Captions afford two-way traffic of to and fro translation. Observations do not translate but articulate sources afford sense of orientation by bring to life.

  • [111]

    Nothing enigmatic about a riddle.

  • [112]

    Observations satisfy when linking seeing and saying and saying and showing in most revealing ways.

  • [113]

    Words are keys not for unlocking doors but be tapped on with accuracy.

  • [125]

    Riddle no problem even if presented as such. Remarkable about 'problem' is method by which solved. Evaporates when solved but giving rise to new one in process. Riddle raise no question of method yield to perfect touch of mind. Solve riddle does not give rise to another.

  • [119]

    Solve riddle does not do away with it. Remain window to look out from repeatedly for no particular reason, a lasting surprise from which bewilderment has died yet rest on bed of general amazement.

  • [124]

    Laugh, outlet of compressed satisfaction how jokes relate to riddles suddenly turn transparent.