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    Maths is telescopic logic.

  • [436]

    —Sorry about spelling error of my number.
    —Well, correct but for one little digit no big deal.


    Damaged not disfigured as long as gesture preserved. Goes deep. Writing consists of word pictures allow considerable variation in spelling and font without comprehension be affected negatively. Except passwords.

    Calculation and spelling different from roots, former controlled sequence of reformulations allowing for back-tracking while latter but ripples on surface of words.

    General tendency of Wittgenstein on maths show controlled progress of calculus as full of loop-holes as any grammar. How Wittgenstein sought demonstrate that standards of clarity and completion need no foundation.

  • [438]

    Nonsense open up what sense curtail. Wittgenstein and Duchamp realized worthwhile to occasion mirror shift of right and left does not discriminate like right and wrong. Simply space of indecision of choice give me a break.


    Coordinates of theocratic rule laid out as logic-of-logos, kind of geometry, written and revealed by star gazing from top of stairs of ziggurath as launching pad of speculation. Cf facing source of light keep steady course towards ever receding horizon of time no geometry involved.

  • [478]

    Self replication source of machine computation. Into flow of indifference single split of deviation set pattern generation headlong into infinity.


    Nefertiti Heads shaped to negotiate smoothly steady flow of time like streamline car design.

  • [483]

    Associate order and linearity, option technocratic ancestors explored and exploited. Not precisely what suggested by convolutions and entanglements of life.


    Screwy infinities of Mandelbrot fractals unexplored until automatic computation. Fractals organize life as topography. Anglo-Irish monks already knew and acknowledged the world as a screwy place. Book of Kells.

  • [485]

    Reason why right and wrong mattered, difficult make lengthy calculations error free. Machine computation not concerned with right and wrong since error free no problem. But left to its own devices of replication produce screwy infinity from slightest obliquity.

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