completed his yawn
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  • [674]

    One has to learn tell lies since truth granted by language.

  • [675]

    Lot left unsaid in what said. Since your language is mine I shall have to confess what you left unsaid and vice versa.

  • [676]

    Trickle words of confession absorbed in silent sea of speech.

  • [677]

    A lie piece of faulty language mostly remedied. More serious temptation seek acclamation by language of disguise.

  • [678]

    Perfect match think and speak the same. Cannot be attained but momentarily if at all. Leave no room for question since nothing more can be said.

  • [679]

    Is confession language game? Wittgenstein conception interactive taking of turns. Say minister return penitent confidence with confession of his own. Mirror maze every step astray.

  • [680]

    Wittgenstein suggested philosophical work start with confession for clearing voice.
    —Can your read me?
    Loud and clear.

  • [686]

    Tractatus end pronounced silence while Investigations start veiled suggestion of confession. If reference St Augustine thus considered. Contrast by linked connection: of unbroken silence and clear voice.

  • [687]

    No way respond to confession but forgive in advance. Giving gift of giving in full recognition of dire facts betold beheld.

  • [688]

    Wittgenstein claimed Augustine account of language learning names for objects mistaken. Why pick on church father for such over-simplified lightweight understanding of language? If not for confession enter critical to his investigation of language. Writings of wrong-doer wrong-writer, cannot but dissipate remarks that do not even try to explain but merit of nothing in hiding. Humbling point of departure not forgotten or language will deform speech and speaker alike. Clear about truth place of failure to explain.

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