cut the clouds
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  • [2063]

    Rebus is economy.

  • [31]

    Matter under siege. Both aggressor and watch-out within same city walls of mind.

  • [43]

    No intent of sharing, unwilling to compromise as in withdrawing. For sake of sharing.

  • [45]

    What can I say I see. What does my saying it show?

  • [46]

    Magic dubious because immolate discrimination for some other authority.

  • [69]

    Cannot talk about what I master without distort case completely. Got to be worthwhile. What would?

  • [70]

    Living proximity, neither discovery nor construction. Nothing but maintenance.

  • [71]

    Skill does not reveal author even when does.

  • [72]

    Abacus, fit as smoothly to numerical as violin to musical thinking.

  • [95]

    Qualities fare no better.

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