deep hard breath

    Pontormo Visitation four women eerie monochrome urban scenery. Four? No, two: Mary and  Elisabeth doubled, facing one another and letting beholder stand in for either party. Successive simultaneity instead of 'simultaneous succession'.


    Kritios, photograph by Petros Giannakouris, stand around in thoughts just as anyone singled out in crowd. If suddenly remembered had appointment hastened away would leave no empty space behind. As would had he been standing in a niche. If Michelangelo slave finally freed to leave heap of crushed rock left behind.


    Hugo Simberg Wounded Angel epiphany without slightest distinction to mark as such. Caravaggio would have recognized himself, particularly impressed by compelling natural setting of divine presence. Never pulled that off himself. Setting of Rest on Flight to Egypt hardly convince as happen outdoors.


    Brushwork of Cézanne back to David ie David dry touch not cover-up slick sculptor in disguise of Oath Of The Horatii.


    Degas thoroughly educated in Origo control of Piero. Same separation of figures interacting discreetly. Degas added fascination of photographic indifference, capture hidden come-together in Bellelli Family like chessboard endgame distribution of intricately trapped pawns dead serious family game.


    Congested space Rosary Madonna Caravaggio reminiscent of Nordic tradition such as in packed shallow vertical space of Riemenschneider altarpiece upper domain seaweed fretwork. Replaced in Caravaggio by sturdy column clad in sweeping fabrics. Mary Altar, Herrgottskirche Creglingen Germany ca 1495-1499.


    Giotto space opposite to snap-open shelter space of umbrella: close down confinement by kiss of betrayal. Cf Rembrandt variation on umbrella theme: space of Batavians spread from rose of swords into still of night.