delusions of grandeur
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    Included still life in Amor Vincit Omnia as accurately conveyed as any still life up North. But deviates from Rogier van der Weyden et al by not echoing symbollically some sacred centerpiece action wedding or annunciation. And flanking Ambassadors in Holbein painting present themselves experts on display of valued items like at some auction house. Caravaggio different, his rascal angel does not give a damn for pile of junk he preside over.


    Enamel finish of Caravaggio early paintings emulate Holbein. As if he, in order to circumvent decades of shaky mannerisms had go back century for lost factuality be recovered.


    Oratory of St John in Valletta recall Sistine Chapel Last Judgement, the way respective author Caravaggio and Michelangelo victimized through John and Bartholomew respectively.


    Caravaggio painted neither Crucifixion of Christ nor Last Supper but Crucifixion Of St. Andrew and Christ At Emmaus. As reference pieces.

  • [1637]

    Interview with astronaut talk about extreme caution not mess up even simple task. Consider tea ceremony proper training for outer space mission.


    Botticelli and Giorgione reintroduced theme of being embraced by nature. Difference is Botticelli figures touch ground only tiptoe light while Giorgione figures full comfort of reclining relaxing attentively cool attention of camperwise people think street-smart but as case of back to nature.


    Leonardo hands as closely studied as those by Hugo van der Goes. Difference Hugo studied hands to characterize his models while Leonardo for articulating reactions.


    Leonardo and Campin respective Annunciations moment of decisive presence in vastness, Leonardo at geometrical crossing of breadth and depth, and Campin as knot in the great web of things.


    Quattrocento, explored linearity as means of organize visual field. Conflict remained that Leonardo explored indefatigably. Vanishing is linear decrease of size but tides of surging motion build up and fade waves of emotion travelling through disciples do not organize into corridors of linearity.


    Smiling warm eyes of response. Laughter mouth in paroxysms of eruption. Leonardo imagined Lisa del Giocondo merge with nature faint shine softness implied by behind her. Beckett wrote screen play Film featuring Buster Keaton portray protagonist do whatever it took to curtail escape an environment everywhere insist on presence of exis: by looking back at him.

    Underlying affinity-by-contrast Buster Keaton and Lisa del Giocondo. Affinity of efforts connect Beckett and Leonardo bigger picture. Relate in roundabout way to Far East contemplation of resonant presence proven and resolved in void and silence of nature. Connection of mind: Beckett Film poster and Turner Light and Colour (Goethe's Theory) – The Morning after the Deluge – Moses Writing the Book of Genesis (cf spoon 1600).

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