dionysos' ear

    Difference is Caravaggio not behind but in camera.


    Does not concept of  'form' originate from sense of shape as articulated by somebody touched body of mammoth in act of delineation? Perception largely mute until grasped. Even word 'eyesight' mutilates seeing.


    Something, a connection, catches the eye. Does it mean anything?


    Does Matthew know what he writes? with helping hand of distracted little winged creature. Wittgenstein writes in Bemerkungen zur Philosophischen Grammatik, 1931: I really do think with my pen, for my head often knows nothing of what my hand is writing. Matthew not even thinks with pen hand not coordinated with craft of writing but stumbling around. Wittgenstein continues: like little children who first scribble some marks on a piece of paper at random and now/then ask the grown-up 'what is that?'  Knowledgeable angel boy slightly bored slow progress little Matthew. And what are they working on? Holy Script for God's sake!


    Pollock track of trail one-action-one-figure of pictorial gesture. Rembrandt generous brushstroke carrying with it finest detail by general suggestion. As to majority of painters mostly hard tell how many separate acts of applying paint spent to portray a particular thing.

    Caravaggio was meticulous, even details resulted from numerous carefully coordinated brushstrokes. Few exceptions, crackling sparks of background fire in St Peter’s Denial and bedding straws on floor of The Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence. Done in Pollock touchée fashion.


    Piece of charcoal casting shadow of soot. Shadow of doubt is it not sooty?


    Glenn Gould said it was a tragedy Mahler wrote nothing for piano (interview 1958 youtube URL?). Was it he wanted take heed of what Mahler master of texture could have done to distinctly separate voices of counterpoint so close and dear to keyboard Gould? Assume for comparison Velázquez career been cut short before Las Meninas and Las Hilanderas. Painter would still no doubt have left impressive oeuvre behind clearly related to Zurbaran and Sánchez Cotán: a certain co-occurrence of things but would have left unresolved aspects of cohesion hence a great loss since we would not have that master painter of dense-fabric-of-space ever to arrive at articulating the texture of punctus contra punctum, of counterpoint. Is not Velázquez the missing Mahler? that Gould had in mind.


    Osteologist reconstruct extinct hominid from find of collarbone. Archaeologist chart whole city from single find of rowlock, forcola, all there was left would remind of Venice.


    Loom on distance Venice strange notion to visitor struck by squeaking ropes and groaning boards of wear and tear city. Misconstrues Turner distance as far away weightless when in fact sand in eyes Turner grind lens of his eye for accurate vision. Eye from Beckett film: Film.

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    As long as industry boomed Venice was volume storage and strong definition. Evacuated of practical economies of adding value by weaving printing et cetera city retreated into backdrop loop of dream and desire not what Turner was after.

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