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    For better vision Popper chose blindfold. Gombrich squint-eyed same reason. Wittgenstein rather shades of silence to protect from charms of talkative eyes.


    Popper progress by trial and error process prove prevalent paradigm false. Approach approximate true by negation as in turned backwards facing colleague and collaborator instead, somebody trusted, measure- and spokesman engaged in keeping track of steps and moves of master scientist. Duchamp Eye Witness help Grooms along in Popper manner, guidance by negation acknowledging their desire for truth without meddling with her terms of attraction.

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    How on earth could spokesman (inspector eunuch or eye witness) have learnt language if not attracted by source of words? By learn to speak at early age well before castration through education. Memory loss principle of progress.

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    Gombrich making-and-matching paraphrase Popper trial-and-error. Account for development in science and art respectively. Slightly different yet same principle: progress made by ever better mistakes in approach of better model of reality.

    Popper model depicts something beyond reach of senses while Gombrich depicts model in the nude already naked to senses.

    Being model of a model Gombrich erroneous matching happen as appreciation of matching one with another. Same case for beholder moving freely to and fro between presentation and re-presentation. Unlike science where no direct access to source in advance of modelling.

    Gombrich making precedes matching in process of making model more and more true to model-in-the-nude. Step by step, template by template, visual routine of representing some same detail say a knee, happen more or less accidentally artist unwittingly deviating from accepted template and manner of re–presentation. When novelty sticks, replace current fashion accepted as step of improved likeness. Or if not then simply forgotten never heard nor seen of since.

    Squint like painter do for better seeing by less clear soft lens visual zone where presentation and representation merge as in successful matching.

    Wittgenstein opposed Popper with certain vehemence, story told Wittgenstein's Poker by David Edmonds and John Eidinow. Could be because Popper spokesman rather than speaker, talk on behalf of somebody, way politicians speak. Not that this other person was another person but a Popper whose opinion Popper ventilated. Wittgenstein frustrated because Popper no beholder but distance keeper. Beholder never in it for progress but leave things way they are only more so.

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    Expressionism, prime intellectual foe of Gombrich, inviting confusion of attraction and seduction. Who attractwhom? True lovers look one another in eyes. Gombrich dissection of 'expressionism' postulate mechanism of control some shared code to account for phantom of expression.

    Spokesman of rational basis of art and art theory, his defense in efforts stay clear of rhetoric exploitation.

    Popper and Gombrich exiled Vienna late thirties. Duchamp dissection of desire different did not do away with phantom of bride rather helped beholder get to know it little better.

    If Gombrich sought rational foundation to apparent irrationality of expressionism Duchamp rather moved opposite direction, uncover irrationality buried deep in self-indulging rationalism. For fresh begin not for rhetoric.

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    True-of-desire seem not offer controlled advancement research insist on. Duchamp all kinds of obstacles present themselves along way delay progress provide space of time to appreciate aspects of being possessed by naked truth.

    Duchamp example exemplary but also Popper Unended Quest; An Intellectual Autobiography, chapter 13 'Two Kinds of Music' and Gombrich 'Expression and Communication' and 'Art and Scholarship' in Meditations on a Hobby Horse and other Essays on the Theory of Art, texts in which each author grapple with problem of expression and expression-ism within research and scholarship.

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    Expression no particular place in Wittgenstein introduce category where none called for when speak one's mind. Child burst of vitality expressive only to inhibited mind separate spontaneity and premeditation. Sincerity no such difference. Expression adds nothing to sincerity.

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    Sincere speech ignores listener.

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    Confession, where talk does away with each and every account. Wittgenstein asked could there be private language, negative, which does not exclude privacy of things difficult to face and formulate, expressed only in the plain of confession.

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    Words hide nothing could be revealed by some kind of ray some X-ray. Sense and say happen same plane like picture depth probed in plane. Gibson stressed picture seeing not less but more pertinent than immediate seeing, in coming to grips with visual perception.

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