expressionless as dough
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    Together we look into water mirror: I see you you me with shine on face. Setup of complete perfect transparent world.


    Fountain is ocean in embryo. Ocean hold no compartments nothing hidden, Aspired and observed in Abbaye de Fontenay. Wittgenstein un-invited perfect guest.


    Fontenay Abbey Church, General Purpose Building, mud floor. Could be spacious bicycle repair shop between mass hours since quality routines basically same game of maintenance. Cf Isenheim altarpiece, focal point of church turned hospital turned church (cf. Grande salle des pôvres de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune). Cf former railway storehouse Falun late 1800s turn showcase. And of course, behind it all Roman public building of basilica for just about any business of certain amplitude.


    Ecclesia well aware of impressive effect: of paved and arched highway of nave, Winchester, on people who knew little else than muddy tracks of trail.


    Ecclesia wanted something magnificent combined bridge and mausoleum Ponte San Angelo and Hadrian's Mausoleum, prototype conception of elevated traffic and final rest in peace. Into composite of nave ending at footsteps of altar Sta Sabina and Sta Maria in Trastevere. Notice embracing concavity of chancel area, perceived intermittently as solid closure-in-the-round, of mausoleum.


    Aqueduct penetrable non-dividing wall run through landscape. Arcaded walls separating nave and aisles in St. Lazare of Autun reminiscent of Roman wall around same city, Porte d'Arroux.


    Advancing along nave past capital carvings Saint Lazare Autun. Cf traffic each-and-every sign strain on passenger 'no thoroughfare' must have missed.


    Western Chancel Naumburg Dom, Hermann Reglindis Ekkehard and the others, disturb peace-of-structure by body language. Chartres no tension. Little more than a generation apart.


    Dürer Apostles strongly reminiscent of Naumburg figures.


    Same principles organize space Versailles perspective as transept aisle system and so forth of cathedral only not within walls but expand imperial claim to hegemony.

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