eyes half closed

    In protracted act of sitting for Rembrandt model reproduced expression of painter unwittingly then also expression of author. Strangely enough self portraits often seem to identify somebody else than their author.

    Remember Dürer beautiful failure catch sight of himself by looking himself into the eyes solipsist attempt missing the point messing up self: by trying too hard.

    Trick of Rembrandt no trick of course model unwittingly mirroring concentration without singlemindedness open absorption no contradiction but arrived at all by itself given right circumstances, one of which: trust model leave it all in hands of painter.

    Giacometti obviously negotiating same mutuality only arrived at same moment slip away since where clarity glimpsed as lasting in mind's eye.

    Marble, running round sloping perimeter of bowl gradually loses momentum settling to peak-of-depth where Rembrandt absorption resides. Caravaggio absorption same order but caught in a  pocket like in spinning roulette rest in unrest cannot be negotiated away.


    Giovanna Cenami of van Eyck portrait pregnant? Or waistline of fashion? Well, blessed just like those shining pieces of fruit by the window and the room itself and the city where they live and the terrestrial setting as a whole for that matter: blessed pregnant all.

  • [1603]

    Giovanni Arnolfini attention to pervasive presence make all and everything glow in sense of being part and parcel of illumination. Cf somebody hearing faint sigh hard to localize nevertheless setting key of atmosphere sharpen attention.


    Crystal decanter bathing in light recurrently varied in Affinitas Annunciations. Just as much but no more symbol of Annunciation than Annunciation symbol of decanter penetrated by light.

  • [1605]

    Arnolfini presence could be read slightly distracted attention because unrelated to direction because all immersion because ‘to be‘ is not orientation of navigation.

  • [1606]

    Ignore separation of senses. Gibson stressed senses should be conceived of as integrated body and space right from guts out all the way to periphery of perceivable space and back again to bowels of digestion.


    Vincent late landscapes reiterate and transform van Eyck Adoration of The Lamb. Affinitas model set key of attention required by beholder to appreciate illumination. In his late landscapes, fields of Auvers, Vincent succeeded in becoming sole model of those fields considered sensorium of it own. Add Munch, same silent scream of nature include author.