faint and dizzy
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  • [8]

    Paleolithic animators did not have to learn what to learn nor infants.

  • [9]

    Would prayer inspired by religious Kitsch be inferior to prayer inspired by say Michelangelo Pietà?


    In regard to those cats quality of execution obvious. Nothing hidden disclosed to account for it.

  • [52]

    After years and prior to reunion one can only guess how recognition happen establish.

  • [61]

    Imagination for escaping fantasy. Faculty of fidelity no monsters on the wall.

  • [62]

    Something new crops up a novelty catch on to, repeated by those who follow. Trade of drift. Style.

    ―Maybe look wrong direction when looking for style in parietal animation.
    ―Likeness is code. Always been.
    ―Would you accuse me formalist if I recognized you by the significant shape of your nose in that old photograph?

  • [63]

    Skill of riding sudden attainment took practice yet success came sudden gift from friend within oneself already knew. Physical satisfaction of getting resemblance right, draftsman lose control of line lose control of bike.

  • [64]

    Quality from Latin 'qualis'; of what kind. Quality, persistent attention in response to which exclamatory That's it! Style slightly different, subjected to shift of drift in response to which exclamatory That's right! Until wrong.

  • [65]

    Pointing at icon in Vatican gift shop: Aren't those Boris and Gleb? as if old friends. Later, browsing pictures from some jumble sale: Would that be The Expulsion From the Temple?

  • [66]

    If unable to read could be written in foreign language or insufficient light. Or impaired eyesight. With magnifying glass or better light better off. Person watch icon hardly asks for better light nor takes to magnifying glass. In conversation, looking at photograph: You should have seen him! Pity picture is blurred.

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