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    Giacometti figure beloved one on receding platform at railway station. Menkaure with escort rafting down river of time transport neither add nor reduce distance of separation. From where? To where? Imagine Giacometti platform-of-base typically one and same with figure well whole station for that matter, attached to the train permanently unfinished farewell.,


    Flow of time river of trust link of coherence. Book of hours read into shifting positions of celestial entitites. Temple and phalanx battle formation of hoplites to defend and carry together pediment of ideas ideals of polis.


    Procession mobile immobility suppressed passion of endurance. Driving and drifting, opposite and close as control and abandon cruising on that edge legacy of Old Kingdom.


    Minoans related to people of river as crew tossed about by big wave relate to gondola party navigating still waters.


    Thera paintings of open sea and of river palm trees exotic plants and fantasy animals leap along banks. Could be the Thera paintings account for contrast between life shaped by peaceful waters like of the Nile and Minoan life exposed to perils of sea.


    Egyptian flatfoot flatiron procession proceed on heels. Minoan tiptoe acrobatics (acrobatic = on tiptoe). Difference between uninterrupted flow of time and timing.


    Travelling, adapt to situation. Still water rafting stay aloof of vicissitudes.


    Stand in line of Mesopotamian subject, side by side of close Egyptian company and face to face confront together big wave bull of Minoan crew.

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    Difference of cruising and surfing goes back to common experience of life shaped in response to aquatic motion.

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    Woman dare meet expose herself to raging sea catapult over its back in acrobatic harmony. Europe, girl surfer carried across sea on back of raging bull, story of Europe independent descendent of Great River People.

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