footfall in the night
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    Duchamp readymade no provocation tender assessment of what has been given me by nameless donors. Prove oneself as of that stature, in that spirit, lyrical tone of Coltrane.


    Rembrandt touch like tabla player smooth unfolding cyclic pulse of raga. Christ on Zurbaran Veil of Veronica for touch of sight only.


    No far eyes in Shakespeare because lost in entanglement. Rembrandt far eyes with us all the way disarming self. Small Stockholm portrait scrutiny of face, self by withdrawn eyes on copper, while self as Paul lingering eyes of someone having left prestige of his own behind.


    Bach and Mondrian, counterpoint and counterposition (contrapposto) achieve same balanced correlation of vertical and horizontal. Shortly before death Vincent expressed his gratitude to Theo sending him canvas narrower than earlier provisions spurring his last feat of imagination exploring embracing fields-of-horizontal at Auvers, remarkable in that Vincent overcame limitations of putting things together into composition of symbolic parts. Fields are just that: expanse where nothing occupies space.

    −What! rolling fields, hatchings, wings, zig-zagging track of road, would that not be composition of elements occupying space?
    −Well, written in the infinitive as it were, Vincent's turbulent touch without fixpoint. Take the birds, are they not precipitate of the dark rolling skies just as rain or snow would be. Vincent made himself available for certain expanse of tempo. Like a musician

    Beethoven brings verticality to the fore when hammering out his music, only occasionally shocking loud more often rather like silver-smith dense delicate pounding action. Even if sequential in making his music sensed as tempered sheet of silver. (Maria Mazo's live performance in 2005 at Bass Performance Hall fugue of Hammerklavier Sonata in B flat op.106.)

    Saint-Rémy early in month of November 1889, Vincent painted Wheat Fields in Rain. Nametag slightly miss point author got soaking wet in process. If show me your clothes would you take them off for me to see?

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    From within profession abstain from it.

  • [2120]

    Truth of art does not last until refuted rather disturbed and episodic tenaciously sought after until recovered. Face one cannot forget yet slips away again and again returns inexplicably.


    If reincarnation foreign to you then because life considered matter of holding on to your hat rather than accepting attention to what is going on around and around.

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    Wittgenstein rule following precise yet without anchor drifting away in vague and fuzzy form of life. Duchamp added engaged desire from start at heart with candor and tact permeate standards of the game unfolding as contractive pull of intimacy.

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    Sine qua non of machine is output. Duchamp machine rather motivated by input of maintenance needed for keeping it running.


    Last page of book complete journey signs along motorway moderating progress all way to destination. Letter characters signs and posts of temporary advent along way along nave as for instance the Fall of Simeon in St Lazare, Autun. Reading order into sequence is it not very pattern of literacy?

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