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    Read follow sequence words stepwise while picture invite look around, both procedures anchored in key position of undisturbed encounter: be it text or tree or portrait or rather all three in one. Beckett Company.


    Focus single word middle print of book page. Cannot read even what written only few words away. Focus vanishing point of picture and complete perspective to indulge in. Even Dürer self portrait work: focus nosetip same time without moving eyes around aware of portrait as whole.

  • [1404]

    Every speck of space house potential of all surround panorama of planet-eye since possible position of contracting all-around information. But burning focus of reflector or lens, alas, crunch in flame all views their position in space could have afforded.

  • [1405]

    Make true-to-life achievement among failures.

  • [1406]

    True to life no gradual affair but either/or: achievement of recognition or not.

  • [1408]

    Gazing and thinking gravitate towards some focus while evidence always turns up in margin of of some sea of a vista.


    Vincent hoped light-of-color would eventually replace volume-of-space in painting. Matisse followed his lead. However no trembling heat nor turbulent thrust about Matisse articulation of light, holds even in case when light of color translated to line of drawing. Matisse and Vincent, same case.


    Light afford setting for linear perspective show point and position of gazing eye lost to infinity. Infinity of vanishing, echoes transparency of light we cannot observe but appreciate as refracted by prism of rainbow.

    Complementarity of color, Vincent for one. No vanishing point to indicate his position in relation to landscape but assessment of color as visual chord. Black does not sound in that chord. Caravaggio chiaroscuro articulate gradual contrast not chord of color.

    Contemplate relation between 'complementarity' and 'contrast'. Something is very same of Vincent and Caravaggio.

  • [1411]

    Vanishing point also focus of expansion. If could not make sense of double nature of focus, world would be kaleidoscopically confused, continuously and randomly transform forbid navigation completely.

  • [1412]

    Picture is no sign but an opening that vision avails itself of. A mould is a mirror with respect to touch.

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