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    Spoonful of light lump of burning deer fat contained in perfect hollow of spoon shaped lamp of sandstone small day brought into permanight of underground last long as satisfaction of good meal. Alimentation and illumination from same source of no starved animator.

    or better:
    Spoonful of light Lascaux deer fat wick of juniper small day lamp of sandstone brought into permanight of underground last long as satisfaction of bon appétit: alimentation illumination animation one.


    In cadence with season penetrate on return even narrowest galleries make sure no predator lurk in pocket of obscurity. Once cleared cave turned into underground haven peace and comfort untouched by perils and vicissitudes of life in the open.


    Ancient Egypt amalgamated endless radiance of day veiled by night of subterranean obscurity. People of Chauvet and Lascaux thought otherwise acknowledge passage of day as arrested glow not flash of light but bubble of day float through night of underground awhile until flicker out rest in mind.


    Nothing changed in those underground galleries and compartments whilst away. On return they noticed things were exactly same as when left a year before strong magnetic connection despite interruption. Not even time loop of millenia rip fabric of presence apart.

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    Pathfinder return places while settler wait for proper time of season to return. Child wait birthday speed up in coming. Carry on in fresh recognition or waif for page to turn.


    Leftovers fragments to restore their way of life from. No. Animations left behind no more fragmentary than rainy day fragment of weather.

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    Needle in haystack and sunset in ocean opposite still within immersion.


    ―What if pebbles with odd incisions found?
    ―Dice or pawns, some kind of board-game perhaps.

    At what stage of emergence is something established as rule guided pattern? Why chess board on wall? Large Glass chess board raised edgeways. Battle on ground comes out better from above than from chosen side. Said Duchamp favored draw to win, opposition of reconciliation and opposition on the board dissolve in gray zone like figures of trees emerge Hasegawa Tōhaku 1539–1610.

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    Possible difficulty to know whether splinter of flint with good cutting edge reveals site where cutting tools were made or where some carpenter set up business. Chord sequences on piano repeated lingeringly. Music or somebody tuning? Does he hear what he says? Does he say anything on top of listening to own voice? Coltrane heard himself play vary phrase hesitate return to same, afterthoughts already in think afresh.


    Fragments chopped up words bad coverage. What? Anything is fragment, part of something larger but such reasoning leads straight astray. An image suggests a certain degree of completion as if maker had no more to say, those bears not left incomplete because interrupted and left.

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