full to the roof

    Limits of convention: let anything be anything else any time any place but only time it takes to pronounce. Convention not between limit cases but on top. Bottom of convention stack not one but already countless. Duchamp very much into piles stacks and stray collections. Robert Smithson A heap of Language

  • [516]

    Logic and style form sophisticated piles of convention. Difference: logical proposition tested against bottom convention of axiom while style tested against top convention of fashion. Assignment: make sense of axiomatic style and fashionable logic.

  • [517]

    In ear whisper: Let under feet be ground and above head be sky and nobody will ever learn about our conspiracy.

  • [518]

    Way of koan: clarifying confusion. Way of definition: refrain categorically from koan transparence.

  • [519]

    Grand opening of Tractatus: Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist. Spelled out from place with spectacular view. Niagara Falls trickle in comparison. Logic start from stunning view and ostentatious gesture serve platform from where descend/ascend into cage of unlimited dimensions.

    Where does one possibly hear Tractatus language real time spoken? You see couple of people up river distant voices reason believe figure out logistics of ferrying varied goods across stream, could be sound of Tractatus language heard spoken only too far to catch details details of reasoning.

  • [520]

    Picture, not image, defined geometrically. Assume a certain Tractatus Geometrico-Aestheticus been written. For one thing would  have to account for geometry of caricature. The Large Glass considered a tractate account for geometry of desire.

  • [524]

    Appearance not spoken into life but presents itself. Interpretation proposal as to how appearance be conceived of. When logic satisfied what appears be case also considered as such. Suppose opening phrase: The world is everything that appears to be the case then doubt about every case. Not what Wittgenstein. Neither does Duchamp doubt La chute d'eau exist regardless of interpretation. Declared programmatically. No place of doubt.

  • [525]

    Logical picture, would it be structured light as in illumination? Recognize somebody in photograph would it be process of calculating coordinates? Tractatus, instrument of analysis or token of faith?

  • [532]

    Having left talking behind having brought into clarity of gaslight gas d'éclairage geist light for some time nobody felt like saying anything since shared silence happen within silence.