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    Oriental carpet and plan of building. Architect would never actually sit down test comfort of plan as would weaver good sitting in gardens and compartments of carpet space. Not that tectonics lost in pattern, and decoration lost in tectonics, but that they balance one another differently around the Mediterranean.


    Task of holding on to strict linear course of writing, copying letter by letter strain on mind. Scribe cued on turbulence Book of Kells. Cf Duchamp way around: An 'illuminatoresque Scribism' bonds image and word — each shedding light upon and adorning the other. Quotation from  'An unknown object of four dimensions' introducing in the infinitive, a typotranslation by Richard Hamilton and Ecke Bonk of Marcel Duchamp's White Box. Closing sentence.


    Anglo-Irish illumination resulted from cross breeding text and textile. Chi-Roh-Iota Monogram from Gospel of Lindisfarne. Zebroid, offspring of zebra and horse, more resistant to certain diseases than are horses.

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    Celtic illuminatory affirmation of striking affinity, largely ignored difference of picture and word whereas Graeco-Roman tradition mostly kept them strict apart.


    Is it not like difference between overboiling and cooking down to stock? Broth and froth, difference between Anglo-Irish illumination and Arabic calligraphy.

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    Perspective and transparence. Abstraction foreign to Celtic Eye. Fabric of vegetation never abstract if not tampered with extensively like in Versailles. Tangle of turf makes pathfinder knitter thread of yarn run in and out and up and down fabric of breathing. Perspectives do not breathe. Much too clean.

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    Classical mind lays bare what Celtic articulation enmeshes.

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    On sea in desert horizon divide theory and praxis. Guidance in sky and strain of praxis negotiating waves and dunes.

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    No divisions in tangle no seeing apart from doing follow path disentanglement. Seeing and doing one.


    Westwerk of Notre Dame Paris and Durrow Carpet Page. Fretwork to cover and suggest wonder of source. Cf radio cabinet from 1930s.

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