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    Do I see colors mixed into hue? No. If I did then also whole spectrum of colors in white light but eye, camera eye, is lens not prism. 'Camera eye' register not only light or absence of same but shape of objects in light. With precision. Huge leap in story of eyesight. Biology suggest lamprey first out camera eye.


    Is blackness place where light is missing? Only if considered portrait of missing light. In pitch black optical impenetrability but not penetrability in general.


    Could not human eye been developed so that blacks were blanks? No. Would be no vision if not possible to portray coal miner whose lamp gone out. A blank could not do that.

  • [1245]

    Informed about what happened during spell of total blankness... No reference contained in blankness. No language. Goes with unconsciousness.

  • [1246]

    Birds and fish aspects of air and sea. Consider picture aspect of sight. And sight aspect of light.

  • [1247]

    Good demonstration such that speech lets through clarity of image clearing voice of speech.

  • [1248]

    In complete dark no differentiation of close and distant dark.


    Cave animations tell us obscurity inspired illumination in its original chiaroscuro form, Commarque. Cézanne be considered chiaroscuro painter in cave as large as light itself.


    Even objects and figures about to vanish and disappear into picture depth actually emerge from it. Since inherent of articulation. Taking of goodbye is not turning one's back on somebody. In fact the opposite. Giacometti territory.


    One does not see things as over- or under-exposed except fpr in constrained situations. True, range of visual adaptation is restricted yet Grünewald suggest enhanced range of visual sensitivity reveal logic-of-luminosity only few have had explored. Words do contribute to perception of light.

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