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    Manet Barmaid kore her equilibrium attained through excellence of performance as servant waiting at festival.

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    In the north along the Northern Way church and ship basically same construction shell of board cover tough self-supporting lightweight elastic cage of posts and crossbeams allow and withstand twisting forces. Along the Mediterranean ship and prestigious housing had nothing at all in common.


    Greek far-reaching quest for excellence Robert M Pirsig Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 1974 chapter 29 on quest of aretê. Cf Tuscan close-quarter concern with near and dear with family does not single out anyone as endowed with extraordinary strength or abilitiy. To be close, no olympic event.

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    Crowds pay no visit.

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    Visitor waiting at door even after having been invited in. Enter with key is home.


    Kritios and Kore 674  example of waiter and equilibrist. Somebody caring for balance soigneur de gravité in Duchamp terms. Waiter is neither guest nor family but in between. Visual arts are particularly articulate about her or him in terms of model. Of what?

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    A waiter waits on both present and absent guests.

  • [716]

    Columnar stance of waiter makes model of individual.

  • [717]

    Atom, from Greek atomos 'indivisible, from a- + temnein to cut' (Merriam-Webster). An individual is indivisible in sense of being an independent entity of the city state in sense of balanced from within: stance of column.

    Idiot, from Greek idiōtēs 'one in a private station, layman, ignorant person, from idios one's own, private; akin to Latin suus one's own' (Merriam-Webster). One is born in the private situation of being ignorant, then invited to take part in life of city-of-language by watching words as they appear at the theater gain stature of clarity in matters of tragedy.

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    Arch is not balanced but frozen collapse require intricate system of intercepting supports along process of construction. Every step a step of instability until headstone freezes the fall of it. A colonnade different, balanced all along construction of the same.

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