heavy through the silence
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    Tuned instrument source potential promise Cycladian idols and kore.

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    Too much care about campsite comfort leave one wonder whether ever was something set out for apart from comfort.

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    Not measuring but appreciating distance.

  • [181]

    Things are what they are even when not being so as in case of illusion.

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    Gibson affordance guideline critical speech help one along through mirror maze of speculation.

  • [189]

    Gibson perceptual ecology Kubler shape of time Pirsig process of quality and Wittgenstein grammar. Do they not suggest realities close at hand as in articulation? Articulation is quality process shaping time by putting things together in acknowledgment of limitations. Resist temptation confine territory enough of constraints anyway. Go for examples since systematic search procedure of blindfolded since advisable to seek systematically in dark or one shall never know in case lost key not found if actually there. We are not blindfolded fumbling in dark.

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    One word language open up to infinite discrimination critical speech sound but single word, Look! neither logical nor descriptive just directing attention to what about to be shared. No secret nor privileged point of view to qualify because already qualified.

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    Object of attention fictitious? Need not invalidate investigation. Phantom source of voice in between speakers of sound system leave them sham silent. Fact of phantom for fact.

  • [193]

    Anything to disclose? Inquisitive mind start in recognition of inaccuracy and incompleteness probe layers of occlusion cover expanses scale up and down registers of sensory appreciation... Not because things are hid but due to inadequate habits of inquiry push things out of reach like object too close for binoculars to register. Fill those binoculars with sight!

  • [194]

    Ex-peri-ment from around mental space, mean systematic guessing whether postulated something mark a target defined in ignorance of outcome yes or no. Cf observer exclaiming: See that! accompanying call with pointing gesture. No gap of guess no bed of ignorance start from.

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