hooked with a wrong number
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  • [857]

    Asked elderly patient at St Patrick's Hospital Dublin which instrument in orchestra he liked best. Answered: the big drum. Afterwards Wittgenstein told his friend Drury he had understood perfectly (M.OC.Drury 'Conversations with Wittgenstein' in Recollections of Wittgenstein, ed by Rush Rhees 1984 p140). Considered response of patient showed remarkable clarity and command of language right through mental disturbance irrelevant in situation. Cf. metallic disturbing words of conversation:

    —Excuse me, what time is it?
    —Let me see... ten past eleven.
    —You believe I care!? How could I trust you anyway? Are you aware piece of information you just gave makes you responsible if I won't catch my train because of your slow watch? It is 11:15! I know because I just checked! And what do you know about time anyway? Nothing! You can keep your cheap little watch for yourself!


    —Would you excuse my intruding here with piece of advice of certain urgency?
    —Please do.
    —Watch your step.

  • [859]

    'Logical picture' some geometrical layout? Or make sense in terms of resemblance like photograph is autograph of light. Or like something in between? Map?

  • [1125]

    Assume language consisted of atomic elements fitted together not sensed on level of everyday communication but revealed by analysis as very fine grid of assertions and rejections of affordances in fabric of life. Cf on/off of digitization make differences irrespective of acknowledgment. How does yes/no relate to on/off?

  • [1126]

    Moment picture-maker assign structural properties to screen no way unravel relation between image and screen logically.

  • [1127]

    Shine of face start melt down grid of pixels build her portrait.

  • [1128]

    Mirror in every picture reflection in every act of speech.

  • [1129]

    Mirroring through language build up trust in whole of language not merely some part of it.

  • [1130]

    Sensory command of imagination established early, moving in front of mirror principle of reflectionn completely grasped, and lastingly so. No anomalies imagination cannot handle.

  • [1131]

    In act of looking glass suddenly shatters unclear why. Overload of reflection taking its toll? Did not take it personally as would boxer or somebodyr.

  • [1132]

    Keep on talking about what you see talk to people ask them fill me in where uncertain, moving around in mirror maze of own construction.

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