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    Studies phrased in accordance with formula X between Y and Z where 'X' indicates object of research and 'between Y and Z' specifies time span of relevant occurence of said 'X'. Triggers something like airplane ear in some, blocks attention, truncated Time Trauma of Art History. Research better off with traditional epoque labels naturally sensitizing ear to overtones resonating beyond chronological compartments. Mannerism Baroque Surrealism etc. applicable to periods predating and passing beyond date of expiration. Take Surrealism El Greco one of its heroes.

    'Airplane ear' is also called ear barotrauma, barotitis media or aerotitits media. Usually self-care steps—such as yawning, swallowing or chewing gum—can prevent or correct the differences in air pressure and improve airplane ear symptoms. However, a severe case of airplane ear may need to be treated by a doctor. (Section of definition by Mayo Clinic staff.)


    Strings coiled stretched curled braided or vibrating whenever analysis seek extension carry energy of matter even splashes of Duchamp Leonardo. A mycelium does not vibrate and so forth but bifurcates exploits gropingly. Dynamics is dual, energetic and tentative, dominating and responsive. Sfumato is zone where mycelian filaments and strings dissolve in atmosphere. 'Infrathin'sfumato of Duchamp allowing for osmosis and atmosphere.

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    Giornato, wetted portion of wall picture area finishable in one day by painter. Due to splitting of picture into giornati jigsaw quality sometimes lingers in completed fesco. Recurrent trait in Caravaggio some elements not fit snuggly appear put together in rash determination not yet aware of complications glossing over unresolved transitions hardly noticed by causal eye.

    Starting by sorting pieces of jigsaw puzzle by color blue for sky. Having facilitated progress some, picture portions afloat no pieces to connect isolated islands yet seemingly missing could in fact be fabricated unfit application of force leaving scarred mosaic of an image as end product. Meant to be so.

    Expect Caravaggio be consistent because compelling overall true-to-life quality when in fact individual object of attention first priority as apart from Renaissance tradition made every element subordinate to perfectly consistent geometry of space.

    Criterion of good painting: to know what it takes to perfect still life. Caravaggio known judge fellow artist by accuracy in still life portrayal.


    Strange if still life painter had living models for figs and grapes but not for some other pieces of fruit. Basket sitting safe on top of table or shelf not floating some apparition. A complete world. Those are the things. Back at home damn it forgot. Was on the shopping list alright. Holding true listed world to his bosom.


    Peter Greenaway focus in Nightwatching: Rembrandt being accused ridicule honorable Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch. Painting not favorably received among commissioners. Greenaway suggest Rembrandt spasms of light after travelling miles and miles of night stirred up irritation and discomfort. Firecracker light, people captured isolated in confusing transition surely offensive incalculable move in game of group portrait celebrating sharing same going back to van Eyck parties immersed in sea of light.

    Adoration of the Lamb, central panel of Ghent Altarpiece, groups in attendance and worship axiomatic articulation of affection and company. As there one source of light but no source of darkness, sharing in same guaranteed by light but not by obscurity. Rembrandt multiplicity of 'miles and miles of night' allowing for nothing but sparks of illumination.

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    Ruleset of Mozart as unknown as to those of chess engrossed in game. Authorship dubious always precursor setting them. Disturber stirs up authenticity like original sinner cannot be excused by reference to original sin. Mozart troublemaker worthy of being accused like Rembrandt Schjerfbeck Caravaggio and so forth.


    Slit-lamp, microscope allow eye-witness ophthalmologist inspect areas of eyeball. Named from capacity project narrow slit of light illuminate otherwise hidden structures enabling inspector to track view-points vanishing-points of 'nine holes' above the signature symptoms-of-projection produced in target practice, back to their origins in the sceneries of desire and wishful thinking or common-eye-of-intention. Of the grooms.

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    All those bands crying out for agreement coming at no cost already granted million head congregation of convention. Star Spangled Banner univocal response forbidden by ear at large meeting the great whale.


    Nièpce photograph: light pencil of shadows. Cf Caravaggio bodies intercepting darkness of light. Knew light invisible. Eyes sensitive to light but not what we look for except for at end of tunnel. Cézanne light and shade come together cloud contained by strong forces of essentially invisible simple forms. Cf shining plasma: distinct state of matter held together by electro-magnetic force. Sun is plasma.

    To Vincent color was all, pure yellow of sun byproduct of which was: light. To Grünewald color and light day and night heat and cold, spectrum called life, ultimately withdrawing into undifferentiated hole and whole of light that does not shine no more. Come to peace with itself in aureole of Resurrection, light in reverse sucked back into its source. Cf working principle of vacuum cleaner.

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    Symbolism, accounted for by formula: A stands for B, shortcut killing issue as radically as short-circuiting. Matter of passage and not of replacement.

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