in the very end
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    Deep urban vistas of bouldevards and the like lend themselves to vanishing perspective. So does the Nile for somebodye skip horizons sail right on into the sun

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    Why difficult track divergent views back to common ground of agreement? Opposed one another from the start did they not?


    Demonstration is not interpretation since no divide or reference. Nileduckgirl gracefully gliding along no efforts of propulsion.

  • [533]

    Quotidian handling of integrated timespace through relativity of gliding passage connects Ancient Egypt and Einstein.


    Basking drifting into tunnel of sun never surmised mystification of invisible script developed in dark of night as among astrologers in land-between-rivers Mesopotamia. Clay map Babylonian canal system.

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    What exceptional reasons could Wittgenstein have had for committing private thinking to print? Why on earth commit tune heard in head to orchestration? Why on earth a Large Glass? Because happen in space of orchestration and conversation.

  • [536]

    How much of meandering non-geometrical early northern art was mimicry writing? Child likes feigning reading before capable, feign writing by drawing. Did they not appropriate writing by bending registers of straight classical print of thinking into tangle of life? Scrapbook for legislation.

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    Logical split of true and false unproblematic whereas ethico-aesthetical differentiation of good and bad other matter. 'True' defined as opposite from 'false' fair enough but bad no bearing on good, contrast without substance intellectual quicksand and difficulty of extricating a person who begins sinking into it. (Webster)

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    If not know in advance of learning would be as helpless as if act without instruction of pain?  Evidence saves from mental numbness.

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    Wittgenstein realized language-logic coincidence-in-depth nothing but bubble of soap weightless reflection sail away burst silently no trace left behind. Idea of grammar thoroughly different based on friction leave marks and scars behind all over.

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