into blotting paper
  • [359]

    Wittgenstein example master mason and assistant play primitive game of construct build of language. Whether atomic element of language exist or not no problem since language does regardless. No matter of joint efforts but of agreement.

    Author motivated invent variation since there being different parts to combine and connect in composition. Tuner take care of isolated elements of music make them agree. Does not mean those chosen elements necessary in making music. Standard that is all. Say Tractatus to some has quality of captivating composition then made from elements agreed upon exist or not.

  • [360]

    Had there been psychologists around in Chauvet and Lascaux then focused on perception rather than on analysis of psyche. No Freud no sorcerer around. 

  • [361]

    Training and performance socially separate and defined. Latter certified or not through diploma or other acclaim. Not so individual development trial and reward inseparable all along. 

  • [362]

    Unfortunate if research into arts and humanities cannot make sense of what in plain view.

  • [365]

    Read ritual mannerism astray into foreign of social. Habit of tempo and pace of individual gait. Hesitant mumbling fingers dry attack of Thelonius Monk arrestingly exact.


    Dots and marks collected and ordered from Lascaux and other places. Perfect true to life Grotte de Commarque. Stone skipping and fishing with line favourite pastime activities of many a kid explore surface and depth of body of water.


    Tip of crayon blunt yet fact Titian did not pick silver point for accuracy no deficit. Had it been for travelling documents custom authorities might have wanted better focus.

  • [372]

    Clarity relate to language like light to color.

  • [373]

    Evidence afforded those who come after.

  • [374]

    Quality of true-to-life means: fidelity prior to faith.