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    Duchamp Nine Shots equivalent of Cézanne hatchings suggesting source beyond marks. Precision of depiction need not be best attained by catching contours or by points as definite as vanishing shots of targeting perspective hits nothing out there only tentative marks. Wittgenstein notion of aspect seeing same spirit. Duck-rabbit clearcut case of either/or lesson to be drawn oscillating attention to somebody's distribution of annotations be required to access outside world through art of artifice.

  • [2087]

    Wittgenstein tautology defines Tractatus language rotating around its axis balancing awhile like spinning top until stumbling on nothing but blank inertia. 

  • [2088]

    Tractatus principle of circulation of sense and nonsense, without which thinking frozen in its tracks caught in sorrows of Duchamp Glider going nowhere to and fro in lamentation. But Tractatus is no litany! Rather confident airing of Gregorian hymn elaborating intricate patterns of high and low. Quite something even if only temporary something riding on nothing learned.

  • [2090]

    Interpenetration of north and south of the Alps, elucidates like permeation between ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, deserts and mountain ranges respectively filtering effect of mutual influence. Had there been no barriers between opposite domains there would have been more of medley than of distinction brought about through relative contrast in points of view.

  • [2094]

    Gottfried Boon playing Beethoven (Largo from Sonata in Ess-mayor op.7 and Largo from the Sonata in D-mayor op.10 no3) on Bechstein grand eighty-six at time of recording (Sveriges Radio Studio 3, 11/28 1970) exploring limits of slowness where drive of music all but lost to jarred purr of instrument, each stand-alone chord a sweeping crackling shock like sails filled with thump of air. Steinway more clinical.


    Cézanne early efforts miserable smear numbed by amorphous pathos like candle holder deformed by running stearine beyond recognition. Cf Vincent structured by view rather than by pathos. Olive Grove series perfect example. Cézanne early failure somehow brought him to fresh start and contract of imagination honoring even small print stipulations necessary to hold up in trials of self-deception. Lex and lesson learned from Grünewald Isenheim.

  • [2096]

    Tractatus stream of thinking absorbed in sea of silence. Blank page empty canvas piano left to itself same sea of silence to get immersed in.

  • [2097]

    Nonsense seat of sense by inviting alternation (Tractatus 4.023). Sense of modulation no domain of its own but indicates there is no end to articulation.

    A proposition must restrict reality to two alternatives
    yes or no.
    In order to do that, it must describe reality
    A proposition is a description of a state of affairs.
    Just as a description of an object describes it by giving
    its external properties, so a proposition describes reality
    by its internal properties.
    A proposition constructs a world with the help
    of a logical scaffolding, so that one can actually see
    from the proposition how everything stands logically
    if it is true. One can draw inferences from a false


  • [2098]

    Observations and remarks do not argue but lead to places every step of approach disclosing slightly shifting panorama. But there are of course tunnels oceans of mist and blindness upsetting successive qualification of distant places.


    Act of portrayal Wittgenstein happened to portray by Tractatus. Started out self-assured something important be said soon realized sounding nothing but whiff of void of tautology. Disease of conceit be confessed by exposure in print for readers to judge as patently mistaken, possibly remedied by re-view investigation by humbled mind accepts even embraces tangle of life.

    Are not Picasso drawings of artist and his model contemplations of humbled mind of man considered be nothing of that. Point is critical look back act of re-vision of confessional nature. Tractatus be read through Investigations, Large Glass through Étant donnés. Yes I did that and here I am now.

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