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  • [1160]

    Only mis-interpretation is interpretation. One of us saw a ghost, rest of us nothing but ordinary things offering possibilities of misinterpretation in low light.

  • [1161]

    James J.Gibson developed wave-front-theory of visual perception whereby light beam geometry of architects painters and lens grinders, replaced by ambient light. Seeing is not making observations but being immersed in light. Better: observations happen within immersion. Some more conscious of this than others.


    Color of light, soluble or mist. Goethe Farbenlehre rested largely in low light effects of filtered candle light. Turner rather region where light inflict chromatic shift of vision more like bath of dye bleach farbric.

  • [1163]

    Gibson pointed out peephole vision in labs impoverished, since eyes hindered from exploring source freely. Also picture seeing impoverished in sense one cannot walk into picture. Duchamp explored both defects of vision extensively, Large Glass and Étant donnés respectively. Important to Gibson, impoverished visual information potentially harmful in specific situations, say traffic, but not in general terms: drive imagination in efforts of making sense.

  • [1164]

    Up to beholder to benefit selectively from what senses register/report.


    Pictorial ambiguity arises when source cannot be differentiated from perspective. Jan Dibbet box on studio wall, is it graphics on receding wall or square scratched in emulsion of negative? His lawn example gives itself away a little more easily but working principle same: any quadrangular source let itself be represented as flat square if presented in adequate perspective.

  • [1166]

    This house replica of former on this site same tent raised on same location same day last year.

  • [1168]

    —What wrong about Brancusi relocated studio?
    —A place cannot be moved from one place to another.

  • [1169]

    How would I know entered replica building if not  told?

  • [1170]

    Along with slow sinking into the ground of old mud-and-moss farm houses in Iceland, following generations of family rebuild them to original height. Are we talking about descendants living in same family home as their progenitors a millenium back? Are those Japanese Shrines a 1000 years old rebuilt every so and so many years reinforcw mode of thinking about repetition as constant in fabric of spirit?

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