lap of the valley
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    Go theater better watch your words.


    Sightline of Egypt and axis of balance of Greece, straight course and dynamic balancrespectively.


    Grünewald soul music through heavy dead and shivering flame weightless.

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    Fine-tuning individual commitment Athens and confederate city states added to steady composure legacy of Fertile Crescent include Egypt.


    Man Ray Lady Cello late descendant of Paros miniature models of idols from brink of Aegean history. Scope widens: Apollo/Mantiklos Thebe 600s BCE, strong hips slender waist broad shoulders long neck strung together in preparation of attunement.

    Kouros/kore, and centaur, contrasting manifestations of body-mind complex: former as synthesis while latter more like mixed immiscible ‘liquid’ states of emulsion: wild nature of horse ‘a precipitated solid substance in suspension’ ( of a coadunate mixed creature of human and beast, derived from equestrian experience of moment when mind-of-rider penetrate every fiber of muscle of horse and vice versa: every fiber of muscle trigger movement of thought. 
    Kouros/kore, power of peace, no resistance of objection, spread peace because in balance. In their natural stance power of horse completely assimilated made invisible by equestrian equation. Cf. ‘Centaur Chess’ relatively new setup for playing the game: opponents openly assisted by raw power of machine intelligence. Not obvious old school master beat able player might better harmonize muscle and mind in playing the game.
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    Attunement of vision subtle and precise no room for deviation nor argumentation all nonverbal.

    Blind seer bring evidence to actor and perpetrator, forced to face fate spearhead of own words heard public.

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    Actor acted in forgotten past but acted upon by dawning recollection on stage. Nothing would dawn if no messenger connect him to his past. Incarnation through reconstruction of true language that cannot be kept hidden for beholder to watch and behold.


    THEATER receptacle and vessel of recall. Ring of circus isolated speechless action no return.

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    Trap of present neither elsewhere nor before clown and messenger of memory bereft of mission, stumbling buffoon cover up fact no audience cares listen to litanies. As re-minder.

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