lap of the valley
  • [623]

    Pity the clown! Pity language! We are the one who fail to listen make him a clown: Look, a clown!


    For society represent itself: manmade mound of ziggurat for inferiorized people follow their leaders abstract themselves from practicalities, scale up onto higher platform read fortune of society from astral source of nocturnal script. Cf. terra firma mainland city state invite fellow citizen take seat on descending slope of embracing rows watch together enactment-of-language down on ground of theater follow fate foretold ultimately by hollow voice secreted from crevice of Omphalos. Pity those lost letter of speech at circus, nowhere to hide nowhere to turn to, neither script of sky nor deep voice from underground.

  • [625]

    From paleolithic true-to-life fidelity, to faith in letter-of-script. From faith in letter, to theory of theater. From theory of theater to loss-of-logos, in ring of circus make mute illiterate.

  • [631]

    Space of speech on stage while space of action in the ring of circus.

  • [632]

    Theater educate eyes of vision through spectacle-of-speech enacted at reception of critical information intact from source of observation, "from ob in front of before + servare to watch keep safe" (Merriam-Webster) by blind seer hand over and impart knowledge to parties concerned.

  • [633]

    THEATER-of-theory and observatory-of-observation relate to difference of evidence: of response and speculation.

  • [634]

    Spectator no witness neither spectator nor theoretician but watch action blindly.

  • [635]

    Column stand by itself. Can be used as support. Columnar character of educated opinion stand by itself. Can be used support argument.

  • [636]

    When memory catch up with actor start talk to himself, then also to him of us.

  • [637]

    Chorus, unbent voice of language neither by intention nor tainted by action but reservoir of clear speech.

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