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    Road and map path and track repeated footfall guide. And trail by hang down drag along or sweep the ground for scent to follow.

  • [19]

    Track down pathfinder difficult since traversing footpaths at unexpected places.


    Where land surveyor turns up hunter has already passed by with intent as in Siberian rock engraving committing narrative to sign well in advance of alphabetical sequencing of events. This is not literacy.

  • [53]

    Creatures produce trails unavoidably and with intent of territorial claim. Birds in sky are they creature?


    Cooks down to good view every picture a map, every map a picture, Gunnar Olsson ABYSMAL 2007. But balance of alignment and impression differs between road map and Monet. In his Apocalyptic Drawings Leonardo imagined final collapse and irrelevance of spatio-temporal orientation still offering satisfaction of good view.

  • [100]

    Some travelers like follow on map or else confused. Pathfinder not from sheet since tune of transport is terrain unfolding itself. George Herbert Mead The Philosophy of the Present 1932 and Bruce Chatwin The Songlines 1986 conception of the present as emergence of way to follow.

  • [101]

    When map coincides with track traveled by generations then song sung by same people. Bruce Chatwin The Songlines 1986. Sitka Charley in Jack London short-story 'The Sundance Trail' in Love and Life and Other Stories 1906 hired as guide by narrator knew not what pressed his client ahead to the end. And at the end still did not know.

  • [102]

    What make map trustworthy? Traveler finds out. How can one trust a pathfinder? Way of company.

  • [103]

    Terrain reconciled with somebody passing by.

  • [104]

    A pathfinder does not so much go places as leads way of life.

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